Monday, 12 September 2011

Cabbage soup - made up recipe

Thank you for all your ideas of what to do with the greens aka cabbage ;o) Some of the outside leaves were pretty ropey, or should I say tough as old boot leather, ha ha. Those got chucked onto the compost heap. I cut out the hard centre stalk of the decent stuff, and chopped what's left into small pieces with a big knife. No, that isn't my kitchen window, it's the chopping board :-)

Cook in a drop of olive oil, stir frequently. Add a shake of garlic granules.

Add a chopped cooking onion, some chopped spring onions, (need to use them up). Crumble in a veggie oxo cube, love licking my fingers after that. Next a sprinkle of turmeric, and a sprinkle of curry sauce powder. Add water and simmer for ten minutes. I didn't bother to liquidise it, it's soft enough to chew now.

Just in time for lunch. Break up a slice of wholemeal bread and chuck it in. Eat immediately straight out of the pan, saves on washing up.

Deeeelishus. Will look for some more cheap leaves now.


  1. Love your cabbage art! We eat a lot of soup in the winter, it's cheap, nutritious and warming.
    Jane x

  2. I adore all greens especially in soup, does the soul good too.

  3. It looks good. I am glad you enjoyed it. Now, you have a new vegetable to eat. You are really making me want cabbage and onions.

  4. inspired me! I love Home made soup.

  5. Oooo nothin better'un homemade soup!

    Vicky x

  6. that probably isn't the most attractive meal I have ever seen Ilona, hope it tastes better than it looks :-)) I have been using my glut of marrows in soup - scrummy

  7. No, it doesn't look attractive, Kate. I closed my eyes when I ate it, ha ha.

  8. Glad you were able to make some tasty soup with your cabbage. I did a double take when I looked at the first photo, you did a good job. :-) Your soup with the bread thrown in reminded me of a tasty soup you might like to try if you get the ingredients together. It's lovely and very filling.

    I came across this in the paper today too, thought it was quite funny. Great Customer service. :-)

    Cheers, Christy.


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