Tuesday, 13 September 2011

A story from Mayze

Mmmmm, yum, I love my nibbles. Good idea to put them up here on the desk where I can keep an eye on you.

That's my tum filled, now I'm going to enjoy the sun in the window.

Lovely up here, I'll get me a nice tan :o) Nice views over the garden, I can keep a watch for that pesky Micky from up the road who keeps coming to pinch all the food. He is a naughty boy, but I like him.

Ha ha, just as you thought you could get on with your blog, wrong, I want some fuss and a kiss. Awww c'mon, you know you want to because you love me.

Ok, if you're not playing ball with me, then I'm not going to move out of the way. I want the mouse today. Don't you dare move it, it's mine.


  1. Haha Your pics made me smile so much. Just like my cat Kimmy. She never wants a cuddle or pamper until i start work on the computer. If i especially take time out to play with her she can't stand me and disappears. Jules

  2. Mine too! Cats always make lovely posts! Merlin always follows me upstairs in the hope he can sit on my knee when I go on the computer. His head is usually on the keyboard! I have great difficulty typing. If I'm doing anything serious I have to evict him.

    Your Mayze is beautiful, what a sweet face she has.

    On Friday I am having a new window installed, replacing the floor to ceiling one with one bricked half way. That will mean the cat has a windowsill to sit on and look out. He doesn't know it yet, but before getting his viewpoint, he has to endure a day of bashing and crashing.

    Hope that it makes my room warmer!

  3. Mayze is very pretty, thank you for your comment on my blog, greatly appreciated x

  4. Ah Mayze, looks like you're dreaming up some good uses for that mouse...mine like to stand on the keyboard...

  5. How cute. It seems she really wants your love and attention at that moment.

  6. What a cutie pie♥♥ I wish I had window sills for my cats to lie on. Hope to see you posting again soon Mayze♥♥ Linda xxx

  7. Lovely pics of Mayze, she's certainly not camera shy. I spotted this the other day, about the cutest dog, he's got a Facebook page. Now he's taking out a book. What about the cutest cat? ;-)


    Cheers, Christy.


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