Monday, 22 July 2013

Lets start quilting

Is there anybody out there, or have you all gone home. OK, I surrender, is it safe to come out now. Didn't she cause a big kerfuffle, that Nellie doesn't mince her words. Still, when she gets a bee in her bonnet about something, she just lets rip. Ha ha, you gotta give her credit for her plain speaking. The daily page views went through the roof, there's steam coming out of the monitor as I type.
Now, where was I, oh yes, this was yesterdays dinner, and todays lunch. This meal was made without cooking, it's chopped raw vegetables. Carrots, broad beans, cucumber, radishes, mixed nuts, and sliced mushrooms, on a bed of rocket salad. I had some of the Tesco dips with it. It was gorgeous.
I fancied doing a bit of sewing today, and started a quilt. I'm not really sure what it's going to be, if it takes too long to make I might make something smaller out of it. I don't really need a bed quilt so I might make a cushion cover, or a cat bed, I don't know, I'll see how it goes. Sew some squares together and see what happens. I thought the squares would be easier, not too much brain power needed. Might do a different shape after this one. Squares are alright to start with. So, cut 25 x 3inch squares out of paper.
Then cut 25 pieces of fabric, bigger than the squares to account for the seams. I used a coaster as a template.
Press the seams with a hot iron.
And sew them together in strips, then join the two strips.
Use tiny stitches, and press the seams flat.
Well that's a start. I will make some more of these 25x3inch pieces in different colours, and join them together, and stop when I get fed up.
Tonights dinner steamed veg again, time to attack the cauliflower. More broccoli, asparagus, radishes, broad beans, and two yellow courgettes. The mushrooms I quartered and cooked them in sesame seed oil, wholegrain mustard, and pesto. It was wonderful, I am stuffed.   
It has rained for the past two nights, but I am still having to water the veg from the tap because it is still quite warm and the rain is evaporating. The wind is getting up so there might be more rain tonight. I'd better get on with the job before it gets dark.
Toodle pip.
Kate, if you're reading this, push a bit harder, we are all waiting.


  1. yes it's too hot to cook. We had a huge mound of salad ourselves, followed by strawberries.
    Good start on your quilty thing :-D

  2. I could not eat raw mushrooms. They need to be cooked.
    Looking forward to see your finished quilt/cushion

  3. Aw, poor Kate... by the time you'd published this blog, the little Prince was already 4.5 hours old. Lovely that they got some time to be 'normal' and just enjoy the time with their new baby before all hell broke lose with the press. Congratulations to both of them and I bet their Great Grandma is chuffed to bits!

  4. I loved your salad. I need to make more of them.
    And remember it's your blog and you can say anything you want. If the readers don't want to read it, they don't have to. They can either tell you their opinion or just read another blog. Very simple.
    Can't wait to see your quilt as it progresses.

  5. I'm still here but i bet Nellie has legged it to Robin Hood airport to catch the next plane out of here back to Vegas and Elvis.
    I've an idea for your quilt, you could make a flag of every nation that Nellie upset for each panel of the quilt to try to make amends and hopefully avert an international disaster.
    Keep telling it like it is, plain talking.

  6. From Nancy in Northern California ~
    I like Dave's suggestion a lot but no one over here is upset with you so don't include the stars and stripes! We come to your blog for great frugal everyday living ideas, photos of beautiful England, kitty-cats, and your straight-forward talk. There are a zillion blogs featuring the beautiful life and people but yours is real so I feel at home here and sometimes like I am just reading a letter from a friend :)

  7. Loving your patchwork! x

  8. Nancy in Northern California, I couldn't have said it any better!
    Thank you Mean Queen for keeping it real! :o)

  9. From Patricia in Winchester~
    Love the patchwork, you make it sound so easy, and well done for stating yesterday, what most people think. I love your blog, be it Ilona or Nellie :-)

  10. Love the patchwork. It would be much easier, and quicker, on a sewing machine, though! Good luck with it.

    1. Yes, I agree but not half so rewarding. And Ilona may move onto slightly more complicated shapes which need to be hand stitched.

  11. Am liking the quilt very much Ilona!


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