Friday, 5 July 2013

Sunny day, let's go out

Good morning, and what a beautiful one it is too. I was a bit busy yesterday, I went back to Helen's 'buy to let' house to carry on with the garden tidy. Boy has the grass grown since I was last there, I had to mow the lawns again before I could carry on with the weed pulling. Helen has got a massive job on there, everything is stripped out down to the bare plaster, and now she is getting on with the job of painting. The kitchen is being delivered today, and the plumber will make a start tonight on the job of fitting it. This project is going to be her job for the next three months, she is not new to this type of work, and I admire her determination and stamina. Getting all the tradespeople organised and co ordinated is not an easy task, but she is getting stuck in with gusto.

I had to cave in and go shopping last night, though my trolley was not full of fresh food, I got a few tins as well in readiness for my forthcoming holiday. It's going to be hot apparently so I need to take food which won't go off in a hot car, as I travel down south. I could take the cool box but it's a bit bulky, and even when using one the food doesn't stay chilled for very long. I did get a few bargains, when it got to 9pm a lovely assistant came along and put the last yellow sticker on, marking things down to 1p, yes that's right a single penny. I got some salad and veg which I will eat before I go.

Anyway, the sun is shining, and it's telling me to go out. Can't waste a day sitting around so I'm off for a walk. I hope to be back later with some pics. Also there are a couple of questions that need answering, I haven't forgotten, they will be answered.

I'll leave you with this quirky little video, it made me smile, who else sings while they are driving?

Have a lovely day. Toodle pip.


  1. Hi Ilona,Thank you for acknowledging my comment (rather Question),eagerly waiting for your reply,Thank you anyways.Have a good Day-JP from India

  2. I don't sing, but my old dog used to. When we were nearing one of her favourite places, she'd be humming loudly :-D

  3. Danneke Looking In. What a lovely voice she has, I usually sing-a-long with my CDs when in the car or if its a quiz on radio 2 I try and get the questions right. I usually have radio 2 on if going on a jporney, it gives good traffic reports . Looks like you are going to get some good eather for your trip Ilona, I am looking forward to seeing your blogs and the accompanying pictures. Have a safe and good trip.

  4. Hi Ilona, theres something satisfying about gardening, you can see the difference straight away.
    A refrigerated coolbox would be useful for your trip, there was one in the truck did a run in the other night and there was an annoying light on so i turned it off. I think i might have turned the fridge off. Whoops. I hope the day drivers stuff hasn't gone off.
    I like a bit of a singalong with the radio as well as playing the sterring wheel drums/keyboards. Good job no one can hear me.


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