Saturday, 27 July 2013

Mishmash post

Hello, a bit of catching up to do here. First off, I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't want to bother with the new fangled Googlie profiles, and join circles. Thanks to Compostwoman who directed me to her post about it, and included a link which gives instructions on how to get out of it. I will copy it here in case you want to opt out as well. Going back to your blogger profile.
Talking about food, we aren't actually, but some food always sneaks in here somewhere, ha ha. I was reading about Sue's little adventure of getting into juicing food, and it has prompted me to increase my own intake of raw vegetables. I don't have a juicer and don't plan to buy one, but I am quite happy to mash my veg into a pulp in my Kenwood mixer, which hasn't seen the light of day for many years. The reason I don't use it very much is that the quantities needed to make a good mishmash are far too great for one person. I have another smaller gadget which makes smaller quantities. Also to minimise washing up, which I hate, I'd rather not mess up more pots than I need to.
Yesterday the Kenwood came out, ok let's give it a go. My collection of healthy greens. Watercress and cucumber from the shop. Broad beans, runner beans, and courgette from the garden.    
Stick it in the pot, and whizzzzz.
Then what did I do with it? To save washing up, I ate it straight from the mixer bowl with a spoon, nothing added. It was mighty nice, peppery from the watercress, and each mouthful was satisfying knowing there was no crap in it. I'm going to have more meals like this.
Last night was the opening of the exhibition at the Arts Centre, Janet came with me. There was free drinks and nibbles, and presentations to the winners. No prize for me, I didn't expect anything, knowing how high the standard was likely to be. It was nice to see my name in the programme, and to be able to chat with the other artists. Here is the first one, called Reclaimed. I like the way they have hung it at an angle, and it seems to fit in well with the others on the wall.  
Here is the yellow one, called erm, Yellow. Don't like the position of this one, too low down, easier for people to touch. They have also put the wrong price on this one. It's ridiculously high.
And this is the one they didn't hang. There was a cock up. Garden was entered as a pair with Yellow, because they are a similar shape and from the same car. The judges decided they only wanted Yellow, that's why the price is high, it is for two pieces. How chuffing annoying, they have rejected the best piece. What do they know anyway, I like it so it is good. Oh well, it's back on my living room wall.  
On the way home there was a beautiful sunset, I drove a different way hoping to get a good shot of it. I wanted to get the chemical works in the foreground, but there wasn't a good vantage point, and the sun quickly went out of sight over the horizon. This is the best I could do.  
Janet was waiting for me in the car as I scrambled up a mucky bank. She took a photo of me with her phone, which I think is pretty good. Nice composition.
I'm plodding on with the patchwork, still not decided what it is going to be, several ideas floating around. I ought to be out walking really, too much to do, too little time. Have a nice weekend.
Toodle pip.


  1. fingers crossed your items sell, at least you got some publicity for them. Lovely Sunset. I haven't posted any photos of our sunsets in a while.

    Gill in Canada

  2. Your shirt matches your flower piece..clever!
    Jane x

  3. Good food for thought. I agree about all the Circles and whatnot. Although Instagram is fun if you find the time!

  4. Your whizzed up meal certainly looks healthy and I agree that the raw stuff can be delicious - especially since you know it is full of only goodness, but alas my stomach can only take so much raw food before it complains painfully! I very much like the art and you never know re the price... it all depends how badly someone wants to own it.

  5. Just wanted to say I would love to juice fruits and veg but do not have or want to spend the money on a juicer!
    Though I do have a blender and love to blend bananas with lots of other fruits and add something green maybe lettuce or cabbage leaves etc. Also add a little water. I buy reduced bananas peel them and put them in the freezer, it makes a nice healthy drink/meal on a hot day. Though I also do this during the colder months!
    Sometime I just blend lots of veg with a little water and add a very ripe pear for a little sweetness!! yum Ginny x

  6. Danneke having a catch up. I agree about the washing up of gadgets Ilona, They are often so very fiddley . I was going to make some banana bread then realised I can not bend to use my oven , I have not to bend for 6 weeks, just had some major surgery done I ended up making a sugar free jelly and sliced some banana and other fruit into it and had custard and banana for my pudding today. Your art work looked good hanging Ilona, pity they omitted showing all 3 articles. I noticed our vets had an advertisment in the paper re kittens, they seem to have a lot of babies for re-homing again, how is your cat rescue homing going, is it on the www. I just wish all the darling cats could find forever homes. I thought I would not see the 2 stray cats I have been feeding when I came out of hospital, but I put the food out as usual the first evening and watched and sure enough first the female came followed a bit later by the male cat, I was so pleased I just wish the were not so timid tho, but maybe in time they will be friendly and come close to me.

    1. Hello Danneka, thanks for the update. Take things easy, plenty of rest. Our cat rescue is fine, just been donated another pen for the cats. Still don't have enough room though, more people wanting to offload cats onto us, not enough new homes to send them to. Swimming against the tide really.

  7. You're a winner in my book Ilona, what do they know??? Hugs.

  8. I hope you make some cash from your artwork. I make stuff but have trouble parting with it ! I get too attached.

  9. Sorry they decided not to hang your third piece, but on the pricing I'd say you never know what will sell, or for what price, but that's the gallery's area of expertise so let them get on with it. If you want them to sell, I hope they sell :)
    (I've had a piece labelled with an incorrect title at at gallery, and that really DID annoy me!)

    I've always wanted a juicer, finally bought one for $5 at a tag sale. Paid my money then picked up the box. The thing is massive, must weigh at least 25 pounds, has all sorts of mysterious items associated with it, and would require a lot of room just to set it up. Embarrassed to say I have never tried it and am thinking of giving it to the thrift shop, because I do not have a place to put it in my tiny kitchen. I don't even have room for a toaster. Feel such an eejit - I hardly ever waste money, and this time I think I did :(

  10. Your art is fun and filled with vitality! Having it shown is wonderful. Why can't people do things right?

  11. What a shame they didn't hang the pair together, it must have been so frustrating to see just the one there, also I didn't really realise the size of them (I should have ...duh...they ARE car body parts) until I saw you in the picture with them.

    I hope they sell for you, it will be a real coup especially if the more expensive one that should have been a pair sells on it's own, but if not it will be nice to have them back on your walls at home where they belong.


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