Saturday 20 July 2013

Waiting for the flowers

Hiya peeps, hope you are enjoying your Saturday night. I started this post two hours ago, but I got a bit distracted, looking for a vid on yootoob, one thing led to another, two hours of free entertainment. I just love those Flash Mobs, all singing and dancing, makes me feel hap hap happy. Anyway, must get on. This is me stood in front of the sunflowers. Plenty of sun but no flowers yet. They are coming, but how much taller are they going to be. Now they have overtaken me at 5ft 6ins.
Guess what was for dinner tonight. Yes, you've got it, VEGETABLES  :o)) a good mix. From the garden radishes broad beans and a courgette. From the reduced stash, carrots, green beans, broccoli, and asparagus. Still loads more left, not started on the swede and cauliflower yet. I made a bit too much actually, I will finish it off for lunch tomorrow.
Breakfast was bran flakes topped with a banana. Mid morning was blackberries, blue berries, and a peach, topped with plain yogurt. Lunch was two scrambled eggs which Compost woman gave me, and half a tin of beans, on toast. I've just finished the bottle of wine which I had over three days. To stretch it a bit further I mixed it with grapefruit and orange fruit juice, nice and refreshing.

Thank you all for your kind comments regarding my artworks being accepted. There is a private viewing on Friday night, for all the artists who are exhibiting. I shall look forward to that. Debbie I will send you a map on how to get there, in time for your visit in August.
Have a nice Sunday. Toodle pip.


  1. Just curious about the broad beans there on your plate. I think they're the same ones we call Fava beans hear in US. But I thought one was supposed to peel off that inner covering of the bean - then they are a pretty bright green. Isn't that covering tough for eating? I know it's fiddlely to uncover every single one. So I never grow very many! LOL!
    BTW that number/letter verification thing has photos of numbers that are often so poor no one would be able to tell what they were. Not sure if you can see for yourself or change to a better program - some are Ok about half are not.

    1. Hi Robin. I have never heard of anyone peeling the skin off broad beans, it is not common practice here. Beans which have been left too long on the plant can have tough skins, but can still be eaten with a bit of extra chewing.

      Yes, the word verification is a pain, but is useful to me to block automatic spammers. I turn it off during the daytime when I am around the house, to give people a rest from it. I can periodically check the in boxes and manually dump the spam which gets through. I always put it on when I close down at night, so if you read and comment overnight you will always find it on. I can't see the numbers/letters myself because it doesn't appear when I comment. I can't change the complexity of the codes, it is completely random. I hope this doesn't put you off commenting. If you can't read it first time, the second attempt is usually a bit clearer.

    2. Thanks! Isn't funny how different countries can eat something as simple as broad/fava beans -well, differently? You're right the second attempt at the numbers is a bit clearer.

  2. I personally hate those broad beans, much prefer the runner beans and French climbing beans. But your dinner does look nice. I`ve just harvested around 1kg of lovely fresh peas, shelled them and froze them for winter use. They are sooo sweet!
    Your sunflowers seem to do very well, so you should get masses of seeds the end of the year. What do you intend to do with them? Eat them yourself or feed the birds with them?

  3. Very healthy meal you have there Ilona. I must admit I always take the skins off my helping of broad beans as I find them too hard to digest.

    Hope your sunflowers will be blooming very soon. They will make a lovely display.


  4. Wow those sunflowers have really come on in leaps and bounds, most impressive. I reckon the flowers (when they come) are gonna be HUGE! :o)

  5. Those sunflowers are amazing! I haven't had broad beans for years, my mum used to cook them with our Sunday roast and I loved them with mint sauce lol

  6. Thank you MQ! Your sunflowers will be amazing when they flower. You would laugh if you saw mine - about six inches high....Debbie

  7. Fruit, bran flakes, baked beans... gales in the midlands tomorrow! Lol!

  8. Dear Ilona,
    I think your flowers will come in beautifully and I do love the looks of your tea.

  9. Oh wow - those are some impressive sunflowers! It looks like your garden is being very productive this year :o)


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