Monday, 15 December 2014

Anything worth watching?

Hello. I'm amazed. I'm sitting here browsing through the TV Guide I bought today, looking for programmes I might want to watch over the Christmas period, and I'm really struggling. I do keep up with what's on, on the catchup channels, and I often struggle to find anything on there.

The amount of channels listed in this magazine is mind boggling, it's that long since I watched a TV, I wouldn't know how to access it all. There are nine pages for each day. The normal five channels, turn the page and there is Freeview, Sky, Virgin, and Freestat. I don't know how many channels I will be able to watch, I think they subscribe to most of them, my problem will be trying to find them. Which remote will I need to use, which buttons will I need to press. It's going to be a flippin nightmare.

I see that one of my favourites is back, Last Tango in Halifax. I will be on a rota with another sitter, and unfortunately it's on a day when I will be back here, so I won't be able to catch that on a big screen, it's my night off, ha ha.

George Clarke's Amazing Christmas Spaces will be one to watch. Also marked down is a programme about lottery winners, how it has affected their lives, might watch that. I see Victoria Wood is on, and Julie Walters on the same night, love those two. A treat will be Call the Midwife, will watch that, and Paul O'Grady, For the Love of Dogs. Love that man. I see Morecambe and Wise are on, a show which hasn't been on the TV for 30 years, will be worth a watch.

I'm sure there must be more, I'll have to work out how to get the other channels.

Going through the TV programme guide used to be my ritual every week when I had a tele many years ago. That bluddy box in the corner ruled my life. I used to have a video recorder and set it to record things that I wouldn't be home for, or watch one programme and record another one at the same time. My goodness I was so disappointed if I missed something. Looking through this magazine now has reminded me that 99% of what's on is of no interest to me at all.

I shall be taking my sewing with me, that will keep me busy. And of course I will be chatting to you.
Toodle pip.


  1. Ilona, not so familiar with what you might be interested in watching, but we have the same dilemma here in the States about what is worth watching. There are so many channels now. We used to be able to choose between two when I was a kid, and what was on was what we watched.

  2. I havent had tv service for years, since I was widowed. I never had any interest and now I use the DVD along with my tv to play movies I borrow from the library. I really don't miss it at all. And the really good series show up eventually on dvd at my library and I can enjoy them then, things like Downton Abbey, Call the Midwife, Poirot, all kinds of items I like seeing when I'm in the mood.

  3. No there is nothing to watch at Christmas. I will watch Downton Abbey and that is all. Every week I watch just one programme. I have rolled through dozens of channels several times and found nothing at all. There used to be things to watch when there were just three and yet now nothing.

  4. Hi, You mentioned some quality shows that we get here in Canada.Last Tango in Halifax was on here and it was much enjoyed-great characters, storyline and acting.We still have television but use an antaenna that we paid for once and own when we moved.It's paid for itself and my husband does enjoy the nature and science shows.We never go to the movies, theatre, etc. so it serves it's purpose.There's lots to watch online if you have a plan with enough gigs to support that too.But for me a good book outshines the t.v. anytime,smile.Hope you enjoy, and once you get the hang of it and those darn input buttons on the remote it'll be a nice change for a little while maybe,till the novelty wears off.RE: a former comment yesterday I think you make yourself very clear about why, when, how you came to your lifestyle CHOICES and are absolutely and laughably NOT some poor old victimized pensioner at the mercy of the system.Perhaps that person should start fresh at your blog's beginning to better gain an understanding of what your about.Whew!Sorry but had to get that out of my system-tee-heee.Regards, Destemona

  5. I flicked through a tv guide last night and was amazed at the old chestnuts that have been dug up for our entertainment. The tv will not be turned on on 25th or 26th,we will get all the old board games out and my neighbours will be popping in and out. I could quite easily manage without a tv but for a handful of things that I enjoy.

  6. Most of our channels are nothing....I usually watch PBS. which is where I get all the Masterpiece Theater programs and the British comedies. Also Last Tango in Halifax....really looking forward to the new season but it will be some time before it gets here.

  7. We cancelled our directv several years ago in order to save money. When we go to someone's house to visit, they have 100's of channels with nothing worth watching really..reminds me of the song 57 channels and nothin on. :D
    Hope you enjoy your house sitting and tv watching.

  8. What inspiring words. If a person is happy and healthy what does it matter how they choose to live.

  9. Years ago I would have loved to be able to watch British TV from Switzerland, when there were only 3-4 channels!
    Now we can get about 12 British channels via streaming and I occasionally check the programme to see what's on - there's rarely much. I will watch some of the series like Downton or Call the Midwife, Lewis or other good crime series, if I'm doing nothing else, but then the only things that tempt me are the great history programmes, mostly BBC4 or the occasional comedy programme (QI!)… I do the same with BBC Radio 4, check the schedule online to see what's on (I can catch up to some extent) but quite often disappointed :o
    Fortunately, I'm not short of books and other entertainment!! ;)

  10. when my ex husband left 14+years ago I got rid of cable--before he left which drove him BATTY but I started saving right away-I went to the basic channels without all the junk and saved 30 dollars a month. At that time it was 12.50 for basic tv service no extra channels just what came "free" to everyone else--we live behind mountains so get nothing w/o a cable hook up--then about 7 years after the bill for "free" tv crept up to 24.00 a month we decided it just wasn't worth it. We do get dvd delivery so we can have family movie night and that costs up 15.00 a month--it's the cheapest we've found besides a local rental store and that one closed down. We have watched AND LOVED Wartime Farm, Victorian Farm, Tales From the Green Valley and all the associated shows--I highly recommend them.


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