Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Sorry ;o(

Hi. Sorry no post tonight. I've been watching tele.
;o))  ;o))  ;o))


  1. So it's true what they say- media is the new opium of the masses-It's even got you sedated! Lol, only teasing, what did you watch? I hope you enjoyed it, everybody needs a night off,xxxx

  2. Ha did find something to watch then. We were on holiday last week on a Tinsel and Turkey break. There was a big tele in our room. Guess what we watched. "Passport to Pimlico". 1949. Can't beat Ealing Studios lol. My husband tried to watch something on channel 4 but the ads were on about every 11 mins, so he gave up , saying, just remembered why we don't have a tele !

  3. Ealing studios, the best! all those wonderful Alec Guinness movies. I must see if I can get them on dvd from the libe. Loved them.

  4. Good for you!Enjoy.Caring and concerned for your readers who are going through tough times at this cold time of year and also for the ones in our community and country who do without.Let's remember to donate if we can, or volunteer time if we can't and watch with a careful eye the vulnerable,needy and suffering around us and act upon that.There but for the grace of God go I says it all.If this sounds preachy, then so be it,but it truly does come from the heart.Hey, we are all in this together and every little bit can make a difference to a person, furry creature or the environment.Thank you Ilona for sharing your"brilliant life"and inspiring us to do better.Regards, Destemona

  5. Good for you. With this awful weather being tucked up in front of the television is highly recommended. Enjoy!!

  6. George is on C4 tonight - synopsis - "Christmas Special: There's a flat-pack tin church, a luxury converted chapel, ice carving in a Liverpool wonderland, and a catch-up with some of George's best builds of the year."

    I am sure the lovely William will be on as well.

    I'd love to be on that programme (currently investigating straw bale building - it's the carving walls out with a chainsaw that's got me hooked!)

    Also the final part of The Fall is on. Great acting and plot and great to see filming on the streets of my native Belfast.

    Linda xxx (currently being kept warm on the sofa by snoozing cats either side of me)


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