Saturday, 13 December 2014

Christmas trees close up

Hiya. I was hoping to have some Elvis pics to post tonight, sorry to disappoint, he didn't arrive. I rang the Arts Centre this morning to ask what time he was due, they said, sorry, not coming, family bereavement, it's been put back to next Saturday. Ah well, I went to town anyway, needed to get a few things. It was fairly busy, kids roundabouts and street traders in the High Street, queues at the checkouts. After half an hour I was thinking oh gawd, I can't be bothered with all this. I just did what I had to do and got out. Dosh from the bank, pet food from B & M, and dropped some curtains off at the Age UK charity shop. I also bought two green teeshirts for £1 each, need green for the project, oh and I visited the Arts Centre.  Picked up a few essentials from Aldi, bananas, cheese, cream crackers, yogurt, quiche, bran flakes, cat food. 
I called in to see Joanne in the 1939 house on the way back, I had a copy of Mrs Beatons cookery book to give her. It's an old copy and I didn't want it. She was chuffed. I didn't dare give it to her in a plastic bag, she wouldn't have approved of that, so I put it in a cloth bag, She invited me in, her gentleman friend was there, I call him George, as in George Formby. A paraffin lamp lit the room with a candle in it's holder on the wall, and a roaring fire in the range with chestnuts roasting. The dog was laid in front of it and the cat sat on the sideboard. Although I have been there before it was a different atmosphere in the dark. Just like stepping into a 1940's film set. It was lovely and cosy, and a tot of whisky warmed me through. 
The pictures today are from the Christmas tree exhibition. A few close ups to show the hand made decorations. 

I thought this was interesting. Looks like the wool was wrapped around something, possible a balloon, and smothered in PVA glue or maybe wallpaper paste. Looks quite effective, a great idea to make baubles on the cheap.  

Wool wrapped round a circle of silver card, and a lantern.

This looks easy to do, you could use toilet roll middles for this, slap on some paint and glitter.

Even make decorations out of newspaper if you wish. 

Tomorrow is the last day for this, so last chance to see it.

Cheerio for now. I hope you have a lovely Sunday.


  1. loved all the trees!

    good for your neighbors! ;)

  2. Certainly some variations in Christmas trees and ornaments.

  3. Love the homemade items on the trees. Feel I should find time to make more.

  4. I do like the jolly robin decoration

  5. When I was a child, my siblings and I used to cut out snow flakes from last year's foil gift wrap to decorate the tree. I think I'll get out the scissors and paper and have a go ...

  6. So many cute and inexpensive items to decorate the trees!

  7. Yes! It's that time of year again in our town too.I cut my trip short because it was so crazy at the stores and the people are driving like they never passed their test.Yikes.Oh,too bad that Elvis was postponed.I love the handmade penguin? ornaments-too cute.Thanks for sharing the photos.Take care, regards, Destemona

  8. The newspaper one would look good made from recycled Christmas cards,

  9. Wonderful decs made from recycled things. You could decorate your whole tree for very little if you put your mind to it couldn't you!

  10. When we were small we made paper snowflakes, colored paper rings glued into a chain, popcorn and cranberry strings. The 1939 house sounds wonderful!

  11. Loved all the tree decorations, especially the national costumes and the 2 felt birds :)

  12. Joanne's house sounds like a lovely cosy haven at night.

    I love the handmade Christmas decorations.


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