Monday, 30 October 2017

A new crafty make

Hello. I finished this today at Crafty Club, it's only taken me a few days to complete it. I collected a few rings together, different sizes, some metal and some plastic. The large outer one is from an old lampshade and is five and a half inches across. First of all I arranged them into some kind of pattern to see what fits together. I changed my mind several times as I rearranged them before settling on this design. 
Then I chose colours which look nice together, and wrapped the threads around the rings.

The dark pink cord is from a door curtain which Auntie Pat gave me, one of those which you hang across an open door to keep flies out of the house. The purple and green are wool, and the lighter pink is heavy cotton embroidery thread.

I added beads and sequins, and French knots around the outer edge.

The hanging thread is made from plaited purple sparkly wool.

The purple background is an umbrella cover, which I have never used. Who puts their umbrella back in the cover once they start using it, I don't. I knew it would come in useful for something.

I started off by wrapping the rings and adding embellishments. Then I stitched them onto the purple silk, I cut a piece of wadding to stretch the silk over to get rid of wrinkles, on top of that I put a circle of cardboard, then gathered the surplus silk around the edges to pull it tight, and covered the back with a piece of matching purple felt.

The idea came from this magazine, as you can see in the pictures their rings have no backing. I tried it that way but my smaller rings did not fit snugly into the outer ring, also it was getting a bit messy on the back so I decided to hide it all with the purple silk.

If you fancy having a go, here is a simple tutorial on how to wrap the thread around the ring. If you are making something small like I did, it's best to use a needle and do it like a buttonhole stitch through the ring.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
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  2. So pretty and a lovely way to use the rings you mentioned a couple of posts ago.
    Wonder where you will be hanging this attraction.
    Hazel c uk

  3. This is gorgeous and the workmanship is magnificent. Another "something from nothing" winner! JanF

  4. Very pretty colors and design!

  5. It's beautiful and I love it!


  6. That is beautiful Ilona, and so neat. Susan wife of Edward

  7. Lovely. You have a wonderful artistic talent.
    Is this for yourself, or one of your craft fairs to raise money for a cause?

  8. This is lovely, Ilona - beautifully made. It reminds me of the cogs in a clock or watch mechanism - but more colourful! Vicki

  9. Wow! Now that is gorgeous. The colours are beautiful and go together perfectly. Yours is much better than the ones in the picture. So neat and eye-catching. I was wrong when I suggested they might become Dorset buttons when you first gathered the rings on an earlier post. This is lovely. Jean.

  10. The wall hanging you have just made reminds me of a magical sky-the moon ,twinkly stars and the sun-it's lovely x

  11. Yours looks amazing Ilona and what great recycling.
    Jacquie x

  12. really love this piece. your ingenuity never ceases to amaze me.

  13. That is so beautiful.mesmerising!

  14. It’s beautiful- very neat x

  15. I just love the colors and the design--so pretty!

  16. How clever Ilona.
    I could imagine small versions making very pretty tree decorations.


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