Thursday, 12 October 2017

Cheap is good, free is better

Hello. I sometimes ask myself if it is worth going into a shop and coming out with only one reduced item and nothing else. Yesterday on the way back from the vet I called in the little Tesco Local shop and found nothing. There were reductions but not cheap enough for me. Just along the street is the Coop, might as well have a look in there as I have already stopped the car. Only item worth having was this yogurt, it was £1.25, now 31p. So a little bit  was saved. Some people might not bother, but I think if you can save a little here and there, it all mounts up. 

This afternoon I spent some money, the car needed new tyres. I've kept the old ones for as long as I dare, but with winter approaching it is wiser to have good tyres. So that will be a hefty amount on the credit card statement when it comes. I must say, the car immediately felt better to drive, with the tracking and balancing all done, and correct inflation, the steering felt more positive. I had been thinking of changing the car, but can't find another Focus Estate exactly like the one I have but a later model. I have decided to keep this one, it's still got low mileage and will be fine for another year or two.

I called in at the Cash and Carry as I was passing. Got a few bits and bobs. Jars of Heinz Mayo for 20p each, boxes of cereal for 50p each. Next door was a cafe, and I saw that a van was parked outside and the men inside were removing all the fixtures and fittings, looks like it has closed down. They were chucking everything in a skip.

Pity I wasn't there earlier, the skip was more than half full, so I don't know what was buried at the bottom. The men seemed in a bit of a hurry but they let me take what I wanted. They were in the middle of dismantling the counter, and instead of smashing it all up which would have been the quickest way of doing it, they took it apart by removing the screws so I could have the undamaged pieces of timber. Really chuffed with my free wood.

Heidi supervising again as I unloaded it.

My annual credit card statement came today. Just as I expected.

The difference in the amounts is what I am due to pay on the latest bill which arrived yesterday. I just use it for convenience, a lot of my spending I pay with cash.

That's it for tonight. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. I'm quite impressed by the detail in your annual credit card statement. I don't think we get such details on our statements.

  2. A successful day...setting a good example..long may you carry on

  3. I don't mind saving little bits here and there. That is a good load of wood. The men were really nice to help save the wood for you.

  4. I annoy myself when I buy something then regret it then I return it. Sigh! I shop the sales and use coupons if I have them. Good idea to get new tyres. My husband travels 20 miles a day to work and his need replaced soon too. We both have Ford Focus. Is that what you drive? We like them and gas mileage very economical. Pardon me but I must go bake my scones for our party this weekend. Good even if it's a pkg mix. Take care!

  5. I think even one bargain is worth having.Saving almost £1 on a yogurt is really good.It then is the chance of trying something different which would possibly not be purchased at full price.I think it makes shopping more fun x

  6. Some good pieces of wood there Ilona,it was nice of the guys to take it apart for you.Our little Tesco never has anything reduced with more than about 20p maybe different late at night though....I might try the co op as there is one next door to the animal charity shop i give my unwanted stuff to.Thing is,Im never able to get to these places later on in the day when all the bargains are there!...Love the photo of Heidi though!.One of my cats get in my car as im trying to get stuff out of it!..Well,its forcast a lovely weekend here in the Midlands...I really hope so cause i love getting stuff done in the garden including a bit of upcycling on an old glass n pine table thats been out there all summer.Hope everyone has a great weekend!,Debi,xx

  7. The only time i buy yoghurt is when it's reduced.. and it lasts well beyond the use-by date.


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