Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Foster mum to hedgehogs

Hello. What about this whoppa then, an apple bigger than my hand. My neighbour across the road has a tree absolutely full of these. Every year she gives me several bags full, never before have they been this big. I stew them for a few minutes, no sugar needed they are sweet, and have them with my porridge and breakfast cereals. 
I wrap them in newspaper and put them in a dark cool place, and they last me into the new year. I love a freebie.

This afternoon I went to visit Helen for a natter and coffee. She has taken on the roll of foster mum to four hedgehogs. These cannot be released because they are not big enough and not strong enough, so they will be over wintered in Helen's garage. The hedgehog rescue is full up and foster homes are needed. They also need more hutches so Helen put a call out among her friends to ask for any second hand ones to be donated. She picked one up which needs some modifying so I will look in my garage to see what wood I have for the job. Once we have some accommodation for them Helen will take four more.

They need feeding every morning and their pens cleaned out as they pee and poo all over the place, Luckily they keep their bedding clean, but often poo in their food bowls.

These are the pens, the rescue can buy them at cost price of £20, but they take nearly two weeks to arrive, so we need to get the second hand one ready as soon as possible.

Henry choc lab likes to oversee what is going on in the garage, he is fascinated by the hogs. About a year ago it was touch and go whether Henry would still be here. He was very poorly when his medication ran out and had to be changed, but Helen's vet was able to source extra supplies. Poor lad has had arthritis for most of his life, but he is a fighter and is still with us.

I stopped to take a pic of the dramatic sky on the way home. I love the contrast between the moody dark grey, and the white fluffy clouds lit by the disappearing sun in the distance.

Tomorrow I'm going to learn about wet felting with Sue Hawkmoon. It's a three hour workshop at her home. There will be three of us having some instruction. Looking forward to that. I'll let you know what happens.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. Those apples look as though they're going to be delicious - lucky windfall! We too have a hedgehog - moved in about 2 months ago. It now has a house in a nice quiet place covered in bark chippings. I was worried when I first saw it as it was out in the day time in the heat so I rang the people who you'd visited at the Hedgehog Rescue and took advice. Just in the last 2 days I think it's hibernated as it's not been eating its food as it's been doing every night - in fact it looked quite chubby when I last saw it.I hope we see it again in the spring - they're lovely little things! I'm pleased to see a pic of Henry - lovely boy.

  2. I am very happy that Henry is doing well and got his medication-I have wondered how he was doing.The hedgehogs will be cosy,hope you find some wood in your store for them.Great apples Ilona,I also have some nice tasty ones but several have little caterpillars inside -ugh! x

  3. When I saw the title, I thought it might be you who was taking in hedgehogs. What an interesting animal!
    It’s nice to know that Henry is doing better. We love labs! Such gentle dogs.

  4. I love your blog and videos! Thank you. Those apples look like they may be Peasgood Nonsuch - we have an old tree at our place here in NZ. Good to see the babies well cared for. Warmest good wishes across the miles! Wendy

  5. Oh,its lovely to see the little hedgehogs being looked after and its great that Henry is still doing well!!.I love happy storys about animals being cared for.Those apples look big and juicy too....I saw another use for apples on a blog the other day...I cant think what it was called....But it involved threading small apples through an old wire coat hanger or any wire would do,and bending it into a circle for a wreath on your door.She had also entwined ivy type leaves in it aswell...and it looked beautiful.Best of all,when its done with,it can be taken off the wire and put into your compost and the wire can be used for another project!.So all reuseable!..Well,the skys blue and the sun is shining here in the Mids.So im getting some washing hung out then having a coffee in the garden....the dusting didnt get done yesterday,Lol.Debi,xx

    1. Debi,you made me smile, because yesterday when you said you were going to do the dusting I felt quite guilty as I don't do too much of it these days-now I don't feel so naughty after all x

    2. Hi Flis,Lol..no it didnt get done..n it didnt get done today either,lol..and i havent really got any set out plans to do it tomorrow....They say that after 3 years,it doesnt get any worse....so im looking on it as....an experiment,ha ha!,Debi,xx

  6. Big hugs to Henry ...bless him. Love hedgehogs and thankfully there are people like your friend Helen to help out with a temporary home til the spring. Rae x

  7. I have always liked hedgehogs, we don't have any here in the USA, and how kind of your friend to foster the babies.


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