Saturday, 14 October 2017

A walk in the Yorkshire Wolds

Hello. Me and my two buddies Paul and Paul, did a walk yesterday, we went over the bridge to Yorkshire. It was my turn to choose the route and be team leader. I went through my Country Walking magazines and found a nine and a half mile walk which started at North Newbald. It was only 40 minutes away in the car and it was Paul's turn to drive. There was plenty of parking in the village centre next to the Green. 
We followed the instructions from the magazine and set off along Eastgate and out of the village. What a good idea this is, free dog poo bags and a bin to put them in after use. 
The path took us up to Syke House Farm where we did a right between Sancton Wold and Newbald Wold. We were down in the bottom and looking up to the right we could only see the top bit of the wind turbines on the other side of the hill. As it was a blustery day they were turning quite fast. There were several of them and the whooosh of the blades made quite a lot of noise.

At the next junction we turned left onto the Yorkshire Wolds Way, a long distance path. Half way along there and we were making good progress. I thought that the route wasn't going to be long enough and we would get back too early, so I suggested extending it. I never rely on a just a magazine route, and always take an OS map as well, in case I need more options. We all agreed that we would add a bit onto the walk and make it longer.

It was a lovely day, even though it was windy it was quite hot for October.

We picked up the Wilberforce Way which is an old railway line, now suitable for walkers and cyclists. On the outskirts of Market Weighton we left the track and after a bite to eat we carried on down a very overgrown track. We battled our way through the undergrowth to come out on a road at the other end.

We had to walk down the A1074 for a short stretch, luckily there was a footpath. Just before we came into Sancton we did a right turn onto a track, past Houghton Hall, and through Houghton Moor Wood.

A selfie in the woods.

I loved the golden colours of the bracken.

The walk back to the car was a long straight track, time for a sit down just before we came into North  Newbald.

I took a few snaps, it's a lovely village. Spotted this toilet complete with cistern next to someone's front door. Makes a quirky planter.

Produce for sale outside the farm. Put your money in the tin.

Neat and tidy gardens and cottages.

This is our route, it works out at 13 miles, Paul checked it on his GPS, and I double checked it on

Added to my total, plus the three miles today, puts me on 981 miles. Mighty chuffed with that.

Thanks for popping in. Enjoy your Sunday, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. Brilliant going Ilona. I think it will take me to the end of December to reach my 1000 miles but I am determined to do it.
    Your walk looked very pretty and I like your sun visor.
    Jacquie x

  2. A great day,by the look of it!!Love the pics,and so pleased the weather stayed nice for you.Its been a nice day here in the midlands..apart from sun n blue skies...then dark clouds looking like rain...but it stayed warm..n didnt rain!!.Been out with my sister and mum,who is still recovering from her hand op....she is 84 and looks about 57,lol.Tonight,i have moved a set of vintage drawers,into my kitchen where they will be of more use than being upstairs.I just worry now that,they are at least 70 years old and will they take every day use?..They look nice though with a spider plant and a vintage clock on them,Happy Saturday night everyone!,Debi,xx

  3. well done, all of you. Last week got the train from Derby to Matlock (can't drive) and walked down to Cromford and caught the train back from there. We will use that line again and get off at another station. Not as far as you, Ilona but you are an inspiration. The pictures are lovely too.

  4. I would love to see your photos but I can't because I don't think the signal is too good here.It does sound lovely though.I too have been walking and with friends.Don't think as far as you as I spend a lot of time stopping and chatting.There's been lots of sun,bird song,butterflies,catterpillers,rosehips and cowpats.The dogs especially like those x

  5. looks like your weather was better than further north

  6. We just found your YouTube channel which led us to your blog. Thank you for the great tips, I also love your photography.

    May you enjoy many years of great adventures!

    With love from Canada,
    Bonnie & Matthew

  7. What a grand walk. Loved the Clootie Tree by the Market Weighton sign - or was it yarn-bombed? That's a good long walk.

    1. It was covered in ribbons. Don't know why, some kind of memorial perhaps.

  8. I've just seen your photos now Ilona.I have seen a tree decorated before once very similar.It was alongside a Holy Well and people left an offering.I used to take my elderly dog for the benefits for his health and left sunflower seeds rather than ribbons.I met a very elderly lady their who ate some of the seeds.It was a very magical place x

  9. Your walks are always so interesting, it seems England has so many wonderful paths and trails to walk. Congratulations on your walk tally, it's inspiring to the rest of us. I'm enjoying my walking too, although I'm not doing as much as you. That photo of the green valley (the picture after the wind turbine) is so lovely, the green so beautiful. And I love the acorn track marker.


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