Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Luxury Des Res for hoggies.

Hello. We finished the conversion today of spacious detached bunny house, to two luxury hedgehog apartments. This is Helen last week making a start. She is attacking a broken hinge with a screwdriver. It's easiest to work on it while it's laid on it's back.  
And here it is. The old bedroom door was rotten so we made a new one. The holes in the wire mesh were too big so we added some smaller mesh to the inside.

On the left two sleeping compartments. We had to build this from scratch by adding the upper floor, and replacing the rotten divider with two new pieces. There is a gap at the back wall so they can leave their bedrooms to get to the food and water in their recreation area.

The front of the mesh is hinged at the bottom and folds down. The door to the bedrooms opens to the left hand side.

Helen will put some lino down on the floors of both apartments. There will be plenty of hay to keep them warm in bed. This one will be outside so it will be covered in a waterproof sheet to protect it from the weather even though it has a proper felted roof on it.

Lucky hoggies having someone to look after them through the winter. They will be released in the spring, the charity has arrangements with special locations to let them go in a safe place. They are released on large acres of land around stately homes, where there is very little traffic so have a good chance of surviving.

Phew, that was hard work, it's surprising how tiring sawing wood and screwing lots of screws into tight places with very little room can be. We had a laugh and did some cursing, and almost gave up, but then we decided we would not be beaten.

It was a microwave home made ready meal for dinner tonight as I couldn't be bothered to cook. Now I am chilling.

DON'T FORGET IT IS CHECKING IN DAY TOMORROW FOR THE WALKING GROUP. Let's see how we are all doing. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. Have you got hedgehogs in your garden Ilona?

    1. No. I used to have some, but haven't seen any for a couple of years now.

  2. What a lovely thing to do!!..I love how they have got bedrooms and a recreation area...These are better than some of the flats i lived in when i first got married,lol.You and your mate are lovely people!,Debi,xx

  3. How gorgeous. They need all the help they can get. A lady gives me lots of cat food her moggie doesn't like. As Humphrey is far too prone to getting tubby, I pass them onto one of my clients who divides them between a local rescue place [where he came from] and a rescue place for hedgehogs. Arilx

  4. Very nice. And yes, they are very lucky to have such kind folks looking out for them.

  5. We really do need to help the hedgehogs as they are fast disappearing so well done you and everyone involved.Hope they like the choice of lino! We also had a family of hedgehogs in our garden but not for a while now so very pleased to hear they will be put in a safe place as I think its us that is killing them with cars and slug pellets. Rae x

  6. Helen and yourself are so caring to the hedgehogs who need help.I once found one curled up in the middle of the road and took it to a hedgehog lady who checked it over and asked me to release it in a safe place x

  7. You are so kind. Good on you Ilona. Karen

  8. Fabulous! Lucky little hedgehogs to have such a great home and a helping hand to see them through the winter. Well done!

  9. I think we are all very proud of you and Helen. I hope the project works out and they can be safely released. They are such cute creatures! JanF


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