Monday, 26 December 2011

Hampshire to Oxford

Hi, just checking in from not very sunny Oxford, I arrived at 4.30pm. Me and Carol went a walk this morning, round a lake. It was lovely, watching people sailing, and watching the ducks and swans. I think her legs have recovered from the last walk. Joyful asked how far away from home I am. My drive from home to Carol's was 233 miles. Now I am a third the way back, so not so far to go home on Thursday. My plan is to call in to see Uncle Stan on the way through.

I've had a little bimble round Oxford tonight, to get my bearings and look for some good photo opportunities for tomorrow. I shall be up nice and early to get the most out of the day. I have one room mate, not met her yet, but it looks like she has been living in the room for about six months, she has that much stuff. The nice lady on reception says it took her ages to bring all her bags in.

I happened to come across a Sainsbury's during my bimble and noticed that the staff were marking down the goods in the chiller cabinet. I couldn't resist taking a peek. I came out with a bag full of food, everything was marked down to 20p, I just couldn't resist it. Enough food for tomorrow and the next few days. I walked a bit further and blow me down another Sainsbury's. I went in to have a look and came out with three more 20p items, well you just got to have it haven't you.

Sorry no photo's tonight. Must go, time up


  1. Really looking forward to reading about what you see and do!

    Maybe a few photos of the hostel?

    We're off to Penzance Youth Hostel tomorrow. Pop over to my blog if you want to read all about it!

    Have fun!

    Sft x

  2. I am about to go out for the day after sales and see if there is anything, anywhere that tempts me. Hopefully, there will be good food sales of things I need. You really made out with those sales.

  3. We never get stuff marked down like that on a regular basis - I wish !
    We do have quite good sales here in the u.s. and here in the mid-west Aldi s is the place to go although it is not as good as in the u.k.
    Hope you enjoy Oxford - one of my favorite places.

  4. Thanks for answering my question about the distance. (That is about how far I go to visit my family north of me (221 miles or 355 km). It takes about 4-5 hours drive through all the traffic, a pit stop twice and getting up through the mountains.

    How long did your drive take and what is the fuel cost out of curiousity? The avg. price of gas here today is 127.9 centrs a litre.

  5.'s you pinching all our bargains in Sainsburys Oxford is it!!

    Have a lovely time.

    Sue xx

  6. Glad you're having a good time and the weather has been god too. Look forward very much to the Oxford photos, it's quite a few years ! since I was there so.

    I've been very good and not spent too much time on the computer over Christmas. Just so I don't get the comment that, well I'm home and you're sitting upstairs all the time!!!!

    Think I will go down to the shopping centre for a bike ride. Don't need any food.

  7. Glad you enjoyed it Ilona! I live 12 miles from Oxford look forward to seeing the pics and where you went! Hope your having a good Chritmas.


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