Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Snuggling up with the cats tonight

Aye up me ducks, I'm back at the homestead. Cats all pleased to see me, especially when I got the 20p chicken slices out of the bag and gave them one each. Lily is now in his favourite place, on my knee. It was such a surprise to get out of the car at Tesco car park and find the wind nearly took the door off. There wasn't any wind at all when I left Oxford at 11.15am, and no wind when I stopped by to visit my uncle Stan in Burton on Trent. I can hear the letter box clattering now on the front door, the wind is whipping across it.

Did I mention stopping at Tesco, of course I had to, just to see if there was anything reduced. I found a trolley parked at the veg department and picked a few items which were a good price. Then the nice lady with the ticket machine came along and took them off me and said she was going to take the trolley in the back and reduced them even further. I didn't argue, ha ha, they know me there. So, I got my next weeks veg plus six bananas and a carton of soya milk for £2.69.

I've just finished off the 20p bean salad, the lettuce, and the garlic piza bread for my late tea, I suppose you could call it supper. A big chunk of 20p coffee cake to follow, it was £2.25, well you have to have it at that price don't you. This is my Sainsbury's haul, eleven items £2.20. I gave the young lady on reception at the hostel a pack of four muffins, she was well chuffed.

I've checked my mileage, as Joyful was asking, it was 479. I'm not sure how much fuel I used, about £50's worth at a guess. I don't work out the mpg, not much point, I bought the car, it's supposed to be economical. I drive at 55 - 60 mph on the motorway, no harsh acceleration and no harsh braking. Nice and gentle on the gas pedal. I stopped once on the way down there for about 20 minutes, and had a two hour break at my uncles on the way back. Probably about five hours driving each way.

Thank you for the translation Christy, I wondered if it had anything to do with fishing. Sorry Sft, I didn't take any photo's of the hostel. It wasn't anything special, looked a bit like a modern office block from the outside. Reception desk as you go in, with snacks and drinks for sale. A big lounge area with computers, TV, and cafe style tables and chairs, and sofas. Another lounge with TV and pool table. The members kitchen was too small for the size of the place. When you have cooked your meal you eat it at the table in the same room, a bit cramped. The restaurant wasn't very busy as most people seemed to cook for themselves. There was a quiet study room with books, but they were all fiction, not enough time to read a whole book if you are only staying for one night. I was in a six bed room, en suite with toilet and wash basin, and a seperate shower room. There was quite a lot of young foreign student types there, mainly Chinese.

I'll get the pics sorted tomorrow, goodnight.


  1. Glad to read you are home safe Ilona :0) I haven't been so good with the bargains as you but did pick up two steak pies in the Co-op that had been reduced from £2.40 to 80p each and they were very nice (would never have paid the full price though!)

  2. Welcome home Ilona nice to have you back. I've also had a few bargains today. We are meat eaters, but I managed to find a great deal, will have a housefull again over the weekend. I'm pleased to report that with a family of guts's we had no food wastage at all over Christmas weekend. Sally

  3. Nighty night! Glad you are home safe and sound.
    Jane x
    Ps Please save me some of the garlc pizza bread and the hummus!

  4. Thanks for letting me know. If your car is good on gas then so much the better. I see if 479 miles was your round trip and you spent 50 pounds on gas that is just around $80. Canadian and a very good deal!

  5. Re the translation, glad I could help you out. Pleased to see you got yourself another decent haul of goodies from Tesco. Your coffee cake looked nice, Ilona. I do nip into Tesco after work to see what's marked down, kids were pleased with all the fruit the other week. :-) Not been near a shop since Christmas Eve though. My New Year resolutions are to reduce my electric and grocery bills, 2 biggies. Coming on here to read your blog will keep me focused, just turned down the heating, told the kids to put more layers on. ;-) Cheerio for now, Christy.

  6. Looking forward to seeing what you got up to!

    Penzance Hostel is beautiful. I'll be putting some photos on my blog.

    Sft x

  7. I got a bag of parsnips this morning in Lidl for 39p (had been 59p) so curried parsnip soup for lunch.

  8. My gosh you did well with all the food :) Every time you post your food purchases, I'm shocked to see how cheap things are in the UK. You just don't find reduced things here and even things on "special" well exceed anything you buy it for.

    You'll be pleased to know I've added buying something reduced at Tesco (when I'm over) as one of my 2012 goals in honor of you hahaha :)


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