Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Understanding art ;o(

Here's a bit of gobbldygook for you, taken from the latest 20 21 Arts Centre brochure. It's about an exhibition they have on at the moment called Beyond Pattern.

We often think of pattern simply as an adornment or perhaps even as a form of disguise, but it can also reflect a desire to communicate through a specific visual language. It might represent cohesion and a sense of balance, thereby providing visual stimulation or a space for meditation or perhaps symbolise status, political beliefs or cultural tradition.

Sounds very intellectual, but what the heck does it mean :o( Anyway it all looks very nice, some interesting exhibits. I didn't have much time to study it as I was on a free one hour park, so I must go back later and take another look, maybe then I will find a greater meaning in it. The artist who created this is Doug Jones, it's called Non Sum Qualis Eram.

The next pieces are by Michael Brennand Wood. If you google his name you will find hundreds of pictures of his work. I haven't got the photo's on their side, they are all mounted on plain white walls. Sorry I can't tell you much about them but I had a quick flit round in about ten minutes, then spent another 20 minutes gassing to the staff, leaving me 30 minutes to go to the bank, Asda, and the market.

Oh and a pic of Lily, nibbling a few Whiskas biscuits.

I checked the winning numbers of the raffle tickets on the Bransby Horses web site, and I am soory but I am the bearer of bad news, nobody won a prize. Sorry :O(


  1. "It might represent cohesion and a sense of balance, thereby providing visual stimulation or a space for meditation or perhaps symbolise status, political beliefs or cultural tradition."......or it might be a lot of twaddle!!
    Jane x
    PS "Lily at repast" is the best art piece!!

  2. Nobody won !! I thought we agreed I was going to win, darn it :D

    Lovely, lovely art work, wish I could have been there.

  3. This looks like a very interesting exhibition!

  4. How about a simple version of the intellectual statement: Art is a symbolic representation for the symbols (words) for thoughts.

    Pretty cat.

  5. Non Sum Qualis Eram.
    I am not what I once was.~Cicero

    While I could give you a brilliant critique, I won't unless I am getting graded. It is not my choice in art, even though there is a message.

  6. They are all beautiful piecess of art. Whatever the artist means by it, anyone can enjoy it for whatever it says to them. I enjoy the pattern, the colours, the balance, etc. I appreciate the great photos you've taken too.

  7. The art is great, but I'd rather look at your lovely cat, beautiful!

  8. Before I scrolled down to add a comment I was going to say - just the same as Jayne! A contented cat, fed and loved.

  9. Sometimes artspeak drives me batty, but this example makes sense to me.

    I think the purpose of a description like that one is to encourage people to think and talk about it.

    Hey, look! It worked! :)

    Would you have thought about it as much, or written about it, if the card had said simply, "Pattern may have meaning"?

  10. I'm with quinn - it could be phrased more clearly but the meaning isn't too obscure. The Doug Jones piece is a great example of both the balance/cohesion point and the cultural values one too - the pattern on each figure gives them a particular character/social position.

  11. Interesting Art, am intrigued. Cute kitty!


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