Saturday, 3 December 2011

Hartington Hall Youth Hostel. The place to stay

It's not very often you get to stay at a four star hotel at a cost of £8 a night. I arrived in the dark, and discovered the following morning just how grand Hartington Hall looked from the outside. The manor house was built in 1611 by Robert Bateman, and in 1862 it underwent substantial alterations. The Batemans remained at Hartington until the 20th century and in 1934 the property was opened as a Youth Hostel.

This is one of three entrances off the road, it leads to the front door and straight into Eliza's Restaurant, which is open to the public as well as hostel guests.

It has extensive grounds and is licensed for civil weddings. To the right is a covered veranda with outdoor seating.

On the left is a long sweeping driveway up to the back of the house. I missed the first entrance in the dark for the car park, and drove right up to the house and parked there. No one asked me to move it so there it stayed.

At the back is a small pets enclosure with three goats in one pen, and big fluffy bunnies and clucking hens, in the other.

Across the courtyard is a converted barn which houses more dormitories, a meeting room, drying room, members self catering kitchen, and a laundry.

This is the main lounge with big soft sofas,

a wood burning stove,

and piles of magazines to read. Unfortunately the TV was out of order.

Another stove in the adjoining lounge area.

More sofas and oak paneling.

Part of the dining room, with huge old fashioned cast iron windows set in stone.

And a bit more of the dining room. These two enjoying their breakfast were the lovely people who spotted me from the tele.

Two more pics of the extensive dining and lounge area. This looks like a cosy pub, and yes you can get a drink here, they are licensed.

The reception desk with a friendly chappie eager to help.

There is a reading room, with a computer.

A games room where you can play pool, a table soccer game, and games for younger children.

I didn't take a pic of my room. It had eight beds, I shared with one other lady on the first night, and had it to myself on the second night. There was a wash basin in the room, and also a shower cubicle. The toilet was next door but one, which was no problem because there was hardly anyone else there. I would definately stay here again, even at the full price it is still very good value. I'll catch you later.


  1. What a beautiful hostel. I would have liked to have seen the rooms. Are there any private or semi private ones?

  2. Hi Joyful. My room was nicely decorated, clean, wooden bunk beds with clean bed linen, matresses not hard not soft. Reading lights in every bunk, lockers to store valuables, (take own padlock), power points for recharging, radiators, thick curtains, and chairs. This is a breakdown of the available accommodation.

    Total number of beds: 131
    Family rooms are available
    05 rooms with 01 bed (2 en suite)
    08 rooms with 02 beds (3 with double beds - 1 the luxury Roost)
    04 rooms with 03 beds (3 en suite)
    10 rooms with 04 beds (all en suite)
    03 rooms with 05 beds (2 en suite)
    02 rooms with 06 beds (1 en suite)
    01 room with 07 beds
    03 rooms with 08 beds

  3. I must say, you are living in style and doing it so frugally. How much was the 1 bed and how much was 2 bed rooms? Just curious? Thanks.

  4. Book hubby and me in for the whole winter!!!
    Jane x

  5. I love the windows, look at the thickness of those walls!

  6. That`s a tremendeous place! What a high class hostel!!

  7. I've never been in it but seen it from the outside. Arnside hostel looks very similar and it is similar inside.

    I absolutely love those dining chairs and the stone fireplace. Jane and Chris - can my and husband share a wing with you for the winter?

  8. Hi PP. My bed was £8 per night, so £16 for two. It is out of season so they are cheaper. In season it would be around £16 - £18 per night per person. You can specify a smaller room at the time of booking and generally the charge is still the same, you pay for the bed.

  9. What gracious living you've been doing! Mullioned windows too!

  10. You can afford to sleep there often. I could never share a room with a stranger. I would be afraid. But, even more, if the person snored, I might just kill them to get silence.

  11. Ilona, you will be pleased to read that I have nominated you for an award. Pop over to my blog to find out why. Leave me a comment and link back to mine. And, if you like, feel free to copy and paste the award onto yours. Then, if you feel like extending this gesture to 5 of your favourite blogs, just meantion these on your site with reasons why you nominate them, inform them of their nomination and wait for the comments to flood into yours.

  12. This takes me back - I used to work at Hartington Hall a few years ago! I miss it a lot, it really is a lovely hostel, and beautiful surroundings. It always felt like living in a really big house and having lots of friends to come and stay. Glad you enjoyed it!

  13. Hi Sarina, I am truly most honoured, and I thank you very muchly. It all sounds very complicated though, linking back, nominating, informing, copy and pasting the award, I don't think I can cope with all that. I'm a bit too simple to understand all the jargon, ha ha.

    Welcome acheerfullivingadventure, (blimey thats's a mouthfull), I don't believe I have seen that name before. I'll just have a bimble down to your blog and see what you're up to.

  14. Yes, this is one of our favourite youth hostels.

    Sft x


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