Sunday, 25 December 2011

A Spring walk on Christmas day

Christmas day and all is well. A Merry Christmas to everyone, it's like a sunny spring morning here in Hampshire, I have to go for a walk. Carol does not want to join me today, I think I wore her out yesterday, besides she likes to enjoy her time off work relaxing at home. I set off with my map in hand to bimble around the local area. Turn right at the end of the road and take the footpath on the left over the fields. It wasn't long before I was walking through some woods and crossing the River Wey by this little stone bridge. A dog turned up and had a paddle.

I continued towards Headley Park.

Through the wood.

Which is part of Broxhead Common.

At Pickets Hill I came across the Headley Park Hotel, and went to have a look because I didn't understand the word Sodyba on the sign, and wanted to know what it meant.

Along the driveway there was a sign pinned to a tree, in a language I didn't understand.

The hotel looks very grand but also looks very tired and in need of a face lift. It is set in acres of parkland with it's own lake.

A sort of monument in the garden, looks kind of religious.

Carol says it is run by Lithuanians so I did a search, and indeed it is. However it has several not so favourable reviews on Trip Advisor. I noticed it is closed for refurbishment untill the new year, possibly to put right the complaints from the guests.

I walked into Hearn and turned right to Arford, and continued to Headley Down. At the end of the houses I turned right down a path onto Ludshott Common.

It was a very pleasant walk, a few people were out with their dogs, no doubt walking off the effects of a large Christmas dinner. Mine will come later.

Miles of green trees and brown bracken, it was like a spring day, very mild, and little breeze.

I came to where several paths met and was a bit confused as to which way to go. I thought the best plan would be to backtrack a bit and take the path which I was sure would take me in the right direction.

I walked down some narrow roads past some very big posh houses with long driveways. This made me smile. What do you do when you want to put a fence up and a couple of trees are in the way? Build the fence around the trees of course, and leave them poking through it :o)

I got back at 4pm, a lovely bimble at 8.85 miles. Carol made a lovely dinner, lots of veg again and a piece of salmon. Tomorrow I move on to Oxford. I may not be able to post till I get back, so I'll save up the pics for you. Toodle pip.


  1. great photos Ilona, we climbed the Tor yesterday while Husband cooked lunch LOL
    Glad you had a good time!

  2. Lovely,thanks for taking me along with you.

  3. Sodyba means "homestead" in Lithuanian ;) I'm afraid that's about the limit of my Lithuanian though, so I'll not be able to translate the sign for you, sadly...

  4. Just put the details of the foreign sign into Google Translate and it appears to be the rules that need to be followed in order to fish on the lake belonging to the Homestead. You need to buy your permits before fishing, no more than two fishing rods per person, no fishing away from the lake, it is a crime, no bumpy hooks?! Fishing storage racks are prohibited. Contravention will result in removal of persons and contacting police if necessary. Enjoying catching up on your escapades, Ilona. Having a quiet Christmas, weather pretty wild up here. Pleased to see you have reasonable weather for your trips out. Cheers for now, Christy


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