Thursday, 19 January 2012

Canine capers

I'm struggling with the green tea, it's still horrible. I've got honey in it, a splash of lemon juice, two elderberry juice ice cubes, and some syrup from a tin of peaches, and still it tastes awful. I will gulp it down as fast as I can.

I can hear Bugsy scratching in the litter box downstairs. Any minute now the smell of fresh poo will reach my nostrils and I will have to get up out of my chair and dispose of it. He does pick his moments, still it's better than 3am, the time when Lily decides to do his ablutions. I sometimes wish for a full nights sleep without being disturbed.

What did I do today? It was a nice morning again when Henry choc lab arrived. His owner Helen has a de cluttering job in town. Yes you've guessed right, she goes to people's houses and sorts out their stuff for them, and tries to get them to pass it on to charity shops or dump it, so they end up with a neat and tidy house. Not as easy as it sounds, some of them are rather attached to their clutter. I'd like to do that job, would be good fun to sort through peoples drawers, ha ha.

Anyway, Henry was whimpering to go out, as he does, so we went round to see if Graham and Lady wanted to come for a walk. Graham gave me the thumbs up at the window and was ready in five minutes. Henry loves Lady and Lady loves Henry, aaahhhhhh. We set off down the lane past the playing fields, the new cemetery, and the allotments, across the fields, to Normanby Hall.

This Regency house was built in 1825 in 350 acres of woodland, deer park, gardens, and country park. We are lucky that it is close enough to walk to. This is the back of the house.

There are lots of peacocks here, I wonder if these two are waiting to get in.

I couldn't persuade them to show us their plumage.

They can sometimes be found wandering around on the road outside the park in Normanby village.

He's a handsome chap.

Here is Henry waiting for me to take his photo. He's not very good at posing.

Graham and Lady.

The wind started to get cold on the way back, the two dogs were having great fun chasing about in the fields. I was ready for my lunch at one o clock.

An hour later and Henry was ready to go out again. My goodness, he has loads of energy. This time his companion was Rocky from up the road. He doesn't get out of his garden very much, so I have started to take him out most days when I am here. He stayed with Barry and his dog Scruff for a while, but his owner wanted him back. Shame really, we were rather hoping that she would let him go and live with them permanently. It was not to be, so now I try and bring a little happiness into his life.

Rocky has a habit of jumping onto any bench that we pass, because he knows I will sit down and give him a treat. He is such a cutie.

I just lurv walking dogs.

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Toodle pip.


  1. If you don't like green tea, don't bother with it. For all its being good for you, if your taste buds say "yuck", don't torture them!!

    Have you tried Rooibosh/Redbush "tea"? With or without milk, nice with lemon, if you sweeten it use a little honey. You can add spices too if you fancy.
    Naturally caffeine free and with a lot of "goodies" in, a cupa of this can help if you can't sleep.

  2. Wean of the Woods19 January 2012 at 20:19

    I make Kombucha with green tea - it's lovely !

  3. They are lucky dogs Ilona, especially Rocky, I remember when you first became aware of him, a shame the owners wanted him back but you bring a ray of sunshine into his life :0)

    I agree with the others, if the green tea isn't to your taste give it up, you do so may other healthy things I'm sure it won't matter!

  4. Awww, those dogs are all gorgeous! you're so lucky to be taking them on walks whenever you like! :)

    That building is fantastic too! Peacocks always make me wonder how they can be so exotic yet survive happily in the UK winters! There's a semi-wild one near us that was dumped in the woods a couple of years ago. He survives just fine on his own!! :)

  5. Try green tea with jasmine - VERY VERY weak - and don't let it brew too long.....

  6. No steeping the teabag at all - no longer than 30 secs I reckon and you still get the good bits. I tried it already infused with lemon, ginger, jasmine again still only infuse for minimal length of time. If tis still rank don't bother

  7. Green tea tip - try some of the ones with flavours in. Green tea by itself can be rather bitter..

  8. I think you can find something better suited to your tastes and needs than green tea. What is wrong with plain water. If I were in a money pinch, tea would be the last thing I would buy. Of course, I am American and drink it iced. The funny thing is that I like dark, bitter tea. The thought of putting a sweetener in my tea makes me cringe.

  9. I thought people had litter boxes so they would not have to attend to the cat's ever poop, amongst other reasons. Why do you empty/clean it in the middle of the night after a poop.

  10. Wean of the Woods20 January 2012 at 06:09

    Wow ! LOVE your new header MQ !
    That's my kind of picture having recently downsized from a smallholding to a towny house, that'll make me feel at home !

  11. When making green tea, don't use boiling water. Let the water sit for a few minutes and you'll end up with a much nicer tasting brew. By putting boiling water over the leaves or teabags, you're actually cooking the leaves and green tea is too delicate for that, while black tea can handle it, thanks to different processing. Also, flavoured green teas might be easier to try at first. Another thing to keep in mind is that black tea is quite healthy too, just in different ways - if you prefer it, drink that instead.

  12. I'm with you with the green tea and second the redbush(love the South Afican brew:)!, Ilona!


  13. The pictures are so beautiful and the animals are so adorable. Thanks for taking me with you, it was fun!

  14. Henry is such a nice doggy :)

    The other thing with Green Tea is to try a different brand. Green Tea is something I'm not frugal on as the cheap stuff is rubbish and tastes terrible.


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