Tuesday 1 August 2017

A Walk to Fleetwood.

Hello. the wanderer returns, back in my own bed tonight. Guess who I met today, Carol from Tales from Spring Cottage blog. She is having a break from her own blog at the moment, but is still reading everyone else's. She saw that I was in her area and sent me an email this morning. I was getting ready to set off for a walk, so I said I would text her with my location once I got going. I headed towards Stanah Country Park, and when I got there ten minutes later, there she was waiting for me. We had a good old natter over a cup of tea, it was great to meet her. 
From the park I got on a footpath alongside the River Wyre, which took me past the back of a Chemical Works and a Holiday Park, where I joined the road to Fleetwood. I went all the way to the end past the town. I watched the Knott End Ferry coming in. It's a short journey, takes about five minutes.

It's for foot passengers and cyclists.

This is the Lower Lighthouse.

Sadly I was running out of time and I had a long drive home, so I didn't get to see much of it. I missed the Marina because it's behind the Freeport Shopping Centre, and I had forgotten it was there. I decided to get the bus back to Carol's house, where I picked my car up and set off back home, arriving just after 8pm.

I've got all the Blackpool photo's to post yet, I'll do that tomorrow. Thanks for sending in your walking miles, I'm pleased to see that lots of readers are still hard at it. I'll have a read through your reports tomorrow.

It's nearly 11pm so bed time for me. We'll catch up tomorrow.
Toodle pip


  1. It was great to catch up with you too, Ilona. You will have to come again and visit Fleetwood for longer.


  2. How nice for you to meet Caroll hope your garden is looking lovely on your return.
    Hazel c 🇬🇧


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