Sunday, 15 October 2017

Donations for Workaid, and freebies.

Hello. I hope you are well. I delivered four sewing machines to Lincoln yesterday. Three of them were mine, then I was asked if I could take one more because my friends no longer use there's. Plenty of room in the car. 
So, this is the collection point nearest to me for the charity Workaid. The garage is almost full, so they will ask head office in Chesham to send the van to empty it. As you can see there are a lot of garden tools, and there's all kinds of tools in there for woodworking. These will be sorted out, repaired where necessary, put in a container, and shipped off to Africa. All the collections and refurbishment are done by volunteers. They also fundraise to pay for the transport of the containers. Take a look at the web site and see if there is a collection point near you. Perhaps you have something useful that you no longer need, to donate.
This is a very nice freebie which I found in a skip recently. Aftershave moisturizer. Just out of curiosity I looked at the company web site. This particular product sells for £12 for a travel size. This is the bigger size, double the amount, so I reckon this was about £24. Brand new and still in a box. It smells absolutely gorgeous and it melts into my skin. I slap it on my face, ha ha.

Another freebie. Last week someone brought lots of sewing cottons and embroidery silks into Crafty Club, their friend was having a clear out. Very kind of her to offer it to us. There was a lot of it and everyone took something home. Fandabidozi eh! I love free stuff.

I had a mooch around the car boot sale this morning at the football ground. There wasn't many booters, not much to tempt me, I only spent 20p. However, as I was walking through the retail park, I park my car on the road because I don't want to pay the 50p to park, I spotted two £1 coins on the ground. Then I remembered that the old ones are no longer legal tender, someone must have deliberately thrown them away. Not to worry, I have to go to the bank sometime this week so I'll get them changed for new ones there.

I've been sanding the driftwood, now I have to watch yoootooob videos on how to make a frame. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip.


  1. Hi Sure I heard somewhere that the banks will only take them in £20 bags but Tesco and other supermarkets will continue to accept them for a few weeks HTH All the best Sally x

  2. Flis, I have inadvertently deleted your comment, it went in the Spam box. Sorry, not concentrating.

    1. No probs Ilona -hope it's vegetarian spam x

  3. I bought a new sewing machine today,a janome,I'm over the moon with it.i wish I old have donated my old one but two gear cogs have broken,well it was 30 years old !! Your day sounds great just the sort of day I love.suppose we ll see aNother beautifulll picture made with those lovely we've both had a GREAT day. Love ur blog. Susan

  4. Lucky you finding that moisturizer!,I know that Crabtree and Evelyn stuff is quite expensive.I have my tea each morning in one of their cups,bought for 50p in a charity shop and in the Crabtree and Evelyn shop,just down the road I think they were about £10 at the time.This was in Canterbury about 5 years ago.Nice lot of sewing threads aswell.Its great when people pass things on that they no longer need.Oh,and im dying to know??....cause Im nosey like that,lol...what did you buy for 20p at the carboot?!,Debi,xx

  5. What lovely freebies! Crabtree and Evelyn stuff is lovely, you did well!

  6. Apparently some of the supermarkets are still accepting the old pound coins for a week or two, Ilona.

  7. Surely £1s not thrown away? You must have wealthy people there who can afford to do that!


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