Friday, 4 May 2018

I fancy making some bunting

Hello. Yesterday morning when I woke up I lay for a few minutes and thought about what I was going to do for the day. I always do this, while the head is refreshed from sleeping, that's when I think of ideas. I thought of bunting, I need some for the Open Gardens, to make the place look cheerful, different colours to match the summer house. 
I've made them from fabric and coloured paper in the past, but what about making some wooden ones. That would be good. So off I went into the wood store in the tumbledown garage and found just the thing, some sheets of what looks like wood but isn't actually wood. It is high density compressed cardboard which is as strong as wood. I got it from a cafe which was closed and the workmen were pulling apart all the fixtures and fittings. Of course I was there with my car, loading it up. A fantastic find. 
This fake wood has ridges in it so it looks like wood panels, it was used as cladding around the serving counter. I had used some on repairing Helen's hedgehog pen, so I knew it was easy to cut with a hand saw. I was a bit apprehensive about sawing neatly into the pointy bits, would it break up. Luckily I have two work tables outside at just the right height, and the gaps in the pallet top means I can put the wood across it and saw into the gap, giving support to both sides without it breaking off leaving a jagged edge. 
The saw I might add was a freebie, found in a skip. The man said it was no good. I cleaned the rust off, and bingo, it's good enough for me. 
The loose bits along the edges sand off nicely, leaving clean cut pieces.

 Now I need to drill two holes in each of them.

 I made 15 flags, I'm now going outside in the sunshine to drill the holes and paint them.

A friend dropped by yesterday while I was in the garden, it's a good job he came to the back when he didn't get any answer at the front door. He was on his way to the tip with some new carpet offcuts, he'd just had his living room carpeted. Said do I want any before he dumps it. I gratefully received a piece 6 feet by 5 feet, and a long narrow piece, all the rest were too small to do anything with. It's very thick, a speckled grey colour. I love free carpet. As he was going straight to the tip I asked him to take the bits of office chair I had broken up. Saves me a trip.

Lunch yesterday was.....last of the yellow sticker salad leaves, mushrooms, and bread cut into small bite size pieces. With tomatoes, potato salad, and an egg scrambled in with the mushrooms. Still got a bit of yellow sticker left, but I'm running out of nuts so might go and get some later.

Two walking club member have sent in photo's of where they walk. You have almost a month to send yours. Please note that it is one photo per person, and it must be your own photo, no pinching them from somewhere else on the web. I don't want to get into trouble with copyright laws. I am planning on publishing them on the 1st of June, if there are a lot I may have to split them into two posts.

I've just been outside to let the cats out, it's hot already at 10.15 am, so I am going to close this now and get the heck out there. Have a nice bank holiday weekend.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. love the wooden bunting - very clever - great idea!

  2. Love the wooden bunting you are making. Can't wait to see it painted and hung.

  3. Hi Ilona,
    That wooden bunting will look fabulous, you are very clever and industrious. I am sure it will look fantastic when it’s finished, although I think it would look quite lovely in its natural colour as well. Great job😊have a lovely day,

  4. Clever idea Ilona, the bunting will last forever and of course when looking tired can be re-painted. Brilliant thinking.

  5. I love bunting it always makes me feel happy x

  6. What a great idea Ilona!.Im looking forward to seeing it hung up.Ive got a small one that my niece bought me a few years ago made out of music sheets threaded with green ribbon,which i have hung on a small corner unit in my living room.The one that you are making will look great in your garden!xx

  7. I love your can-do attitude and use of discarded items. All quite inspiring, good for you! Will be looking forward to seeing the banner.

  8. I love the idea of making bunting out of 'wood'. I have made lots of bunting with fabric but have never thought of making it from wood. Looking forward to seeing it all painted up. There is something very cheerful about bunting.

  9. I've seen MDF bunting shapes for sale in craft shops, you decorate them to your taste. Far better to make your own using recycled wood. You have a stash of coloured plastic Ilona, how about plastic bunting? Already coloured, waterproof, no need to repaint. I'd try it myself but I never come across coloured plastic, except bottle tops and tubs which have writing on the other side.

  10. Hi, I think I lost my first email so I will redo. I just caught up with your two blog entries, and will take a phot shortly to show the desert where I walk. Great idea ! It will be wonderful to see what scenery the international walking group sees on their walks :)

  11. Can't wait to see the finished bunting ... what a neat job you made of the triangles ☺


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