Sunday, 13 May 2018

Planning the day

Good morning, I'm thinking about the day ahead, and what I can achieve before I snuggle up with Mayze cat in bed tonight. I love these longer days, I feel totally inspired by daylight, it's telling me to make the most of it.

Opening up the computer, I'm on the small laptop the one I take with me on my walking trips, I see Scott o Connors face has popped up on the right hand side. He's the wood working man over the pond in Ventura. He put a new video on yoootoob yesterday and I made a comment on it. He is very good at replying and answering any questions.

Over on facebook Helen has put pictures of her beautiful garden, which made me shed a tear, thinking about how Henry choc lab used to mooch around there and jump in the pond when she wasn't looking. Little things remind us of the furry friends who are no longer here.

Twitter full of chatter on the Eurovision Song Contest last night. Some people seem to like it, not me, I haven't watched it since I was a teenager. Didn't Abba win once? And a girl singer from Ireland? Oh and I thought the bearded lady who won it was quite good. Caught a bit of that because it was all over the press.

Thirteen comments came in overnight, eight of them were Anonymous crap, the same old same old. That word Anonymous is like a red rag to a bull now, zap zap zap, no questions just sod off.

So, what am I doing today? The new cat shelter is finished. I was at it all yesterday afternoon, just managed to get it done by six o clock when the rain started. I think it has been raining all night, which is good because it saved me watering up. If the rain holds off today I want to get the old shelter out and the new one put in it's place. I want to stand it on a pallet and I have two in the garage, but that means shifting a load of wood to get one out. I only hope they are the right size. I think the saw may be needed. I might have to borrow a man to help me lift the new one, it's a bit heavy.

I was up at six this morning, doing a bit of stitching before the kids got up and demanded food. Micky was outside on his usual spot, on the table outside the back door. Yesterday you would have thought that I had four cats, think I ought to rename this place. Tightwad Towers is fast becoming Cats Cosy Creche.

Breakfast was porridge, nuts and seeds, blueberries and raspberries. I am finding frozen berries a lot more convenient than buying fresh, and they are not that expensive at Aldi. Lunch today will be the same as last nights dinner, I made two portions. Chopped onion, frozen mushrooms, Quorn mince, thinly sliced potato, and a tin of mixed beans. Turmeric, veg granules, and curry powder added. Very nice. The fridge is looking a bit empty but I am holding off going shopping, I have enough in the cupboards and freezer.

Nine fifteen and I must get my bum out of this chair. I missed a walk yesterday because I was busy, then it was raining. Must make more effort today. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. Tony and I have found that buying frozen veg is a good way to waste less. I add fresh things from my garden and it suits us really well. Currently eyeballing my pond with a view to aquaponic veg growing.

    1. Cherie K - I think you are in America, here in the UK I have never managed to buy satisfactory frozen broccoli, cauliflower or cabbage, they are too soft when cooked and I like vegetables to have some bite. However, I do keep a small amount of peas/beans/sweetcorn as a standby in the freezer.

  2. I love these longer days too,being able to be out in the garden later.Although,it did rain in the night here,so all my wooden chairs are wet!.Never mind,Ive got my recliners,that we treated ourselves to last year so I will take one of them out.I was pleased yesterday when i found 3 little spring onions,growing in one of my plant pots...Its doesnt take alot to keep me happy these days,lol.Well done on finishing your cats shelter,Its great when it all comes together!I got up early too today but all Ive done is sorted the 5 kittys out and got dinner prepared.Ive spent about 3 hours on here,reading blogs!Hope every one has a lovely day,xx

  3. Hi. Hope youre well. I love the comments about the "Annonymous" im seeing the steam comeing out of your ears😅 Im going to try your recipe i have the ingredients so will give it a go. Enjoy the day. Much love xx

  4. I don't watch Eurovision but I understand that while our (the UK's) entry was singing a protester stormed the stage and she had to stop. I've not idea what he was upset about. However, I have never understood why Israel (I think they won last night) and Australia are in the competition - surely the clue is in the title 'EUROvision'. I agree with you about frozen fruit - I am buying that and tinned as well; went to a local Co-Op and they were asking £2.29 for a small punnet of strawberries. I'll pass on that. Today, being sunny is weeding the garden and probably here-and-there during the rest of the week as the forecasters predict more sunshine.

  5. Barbara (Canada)13 May 2018 at 15:25

    I remember ABBA winning. I was thirteen at the time and living in England attending the Cambridge Grammar School for Girls. Before then I'd never heard of the Eurovision contest (or worn a school uniform). I remember my little sister was keen on Olivia Newton John and sulked for days when she didn't win that year.

    We have gone straight from winter to summer where I live. I'm always an early riser, but it's lovely getting up to sunshine and birdsong. We're in the process of adopting a rescue cat, so it's more shopping today and then the obligatory chicken dinner for Mother's Day. (Sounds odd, but just something people do here.) Enjoy your day!

  6. All sounds like a perfect day and my kind of food sounds delicious. I love the long days and the sunshine aswell. Looking forward to seeing what you are up to tomorrow. From anonymous (only joking ) from Jenette x

  7. Love your blog and your recipes! You have inspired me to start walking with purpose again!


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