Thursday, 17 May 2018

Pics from Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Hello. I'm back in circulation, thanks for all your kind messages, I had a lovely Birthday day out at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Combined with some extra walking I did seven miles. Not a lot but there was so much to stop and see. The 80 plus sculptures are spread over 500 acres. I had already seen some of them on previous visits, but there are new ones which I wanted to see. 
I parked in the village of West Bretton, which is a 15 minute walk to the park. The village Hall has a big car park, make a donation if you like. Parking is a bit expensive inside the park, and if you are on a timed ticket it means you have to get back to your car within the time you paid for. Not good if you want to mooch around uninterrupted. 
There are a lot of photo's so I'm going to split them up. This sculpture is just outside the main building.
This exhibit does not officially open until the 26th, but as it is in the open air the ground has been prepared in advance and the sculpture secured to the ground. Very difficult to get good clear photo's of the detail when it is so big, and against the sky. It looks like a broken and dying tree, but it is made from cast iron. Where the 'wood' splits, the centre has been painted a gold/copper colour.

It really does look amazing from a distance.

I've gooooglied the artists name and found this interesting video on yoootooob. It's not about this tree, but shows how a similar tree is constructed, an earlier sculpture. It also shows how it is moved from factory to the site. Of course I am fascinated by how large abnormal loads are transported.

I don't know anything about the artist who designed these apples, but I like anything a bit quirky.

Bretton Hall is closed at the moment, but I crept up as close as I could to take this photo. The flowers alerted my attention.

Now it is lunch time. I had a visitor this morning, Helen dropped by to give me some things for the cat stall, and some pillows which I will turn into cushions for the church, eventually....when I have a few minutes to spare, ha ha.

Thanks for popping in, I'll post some more pics tomorrow.
Toodle pip


  1. glad you had a lovely birthday treat

  2. Barbara M.

    Happy Birthday, Ilona! I LOVE outdoor sculptures, particularly modern ones. This park looks fabulous and will be on my list if I ever get to Yorkshire.

  3. I like these. Very elegant. This looks an interesting place. A good idea to park in the village so you didn’t get feel rushed to get back.

  4. Bretton Village Hall was where I had my wedding party. Everyone came dressed as a character from Midsummer Nights Dream. 38 years ago on the 21st June. Jeez.

  5. A late ''Happy Birthday Ilona ''and hoping you have another wonderful fun year xx

  6. That place looks really intriguing - I’ve never heard of many of the places you go so it’s all new ideas . Love the pics x

  7. Happy birthday! Those sculptures look lovely!

  8. Some interesting photos and looks a nice place to spend the day.I know what you mean with parking cost,it spoils any thing when you are on a time limit and having to clock watch all the time.Ive got a couple of fake apples on my tree at the front of my house!,They were old Christmas decorations at I made further use of,lol.Well,when I got up,just before 6,there was blue skies and a light frost on the cars.Really cold too.So its shorts and fur jacket then today!Tomorrow,me and my Daughter go on our Mystery Weekend coach trip so I am looking forward to that.I will let you know where when went to on Monday.Have a lovely weekend!,xx

  9. What lovely sculptures. Always inspiring.Thanks for sharing. Pauline.

  10. Visited the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in March as we were up north for a wedding. The park is absolutely amazing. We stayed in a super B&B in Bretton but took the car into the park because of the abysmal weather(remember the Beast from the East?)and we were travelling on after. Entry is completely free but we forgot to pay for the parking! - but you can pay later on the net or just by phoning so no worries about clockwatching. it's a long trip from Devon but I really would love to go again as the exhibitions change regularly.
    Belated Birthday Greetings, Ilona. Glad it was such a good one

    1. You're right, you can pay parking charges later, but this old dinosaur will not put any of my bank or card details into my computer.


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