Monday, 7 May 2018

I'm chuffed with that.

Hello. I'm a bit late with this tonight, and it won't be long before I'm going to bed, I've had a busy day. This was Heidi this morning, she has found a new place to lie down. I hope she doesn't knock anything off the table. 
Not many at Crafty Club this morning, but enough to have a natter. Ann brought her latest creation to show us. This pretty pinny has Suffolk Puffs, and hexagon patchwork on it. This will impress her dinner guests I'm sure.

Janet is trying a new technique, first painting on a piece of hessian, then stitching over it in running stitch in blocks of various sizes. I think I might have a go at that, it looks very modern arty.

After lunch I got on with a job I started yesterday, a new table next to the back door. This is the old one I removed, it came apart easily because it was rotten. 
The space I have to work with. The ground is on a slope so the measurements will be a bit hit and miss.

Luckily I had four solid posts all the same for the corners. The end pieces which look like small pallets are not pallets, I've had them ages, can't remember where I got them from. They are perfect for this. I've re enforced the left side next to the drain pipe with a piece of metal mesh.

Now it's got three supports for the top.

I have some plastic panels that interlock together, it's used in bathrooms.

Two pieces fit just fine, and they are the right length, I just had to cut notches out of three corners to fit round the posts.

And to top it I have cut a piece of the vinyl flooring, recently found in a skip. One nail in each corner to hold it down.

It's a smashing table, I'm really pleased with it, and all materials were free. It doesn't have to hold weight, it's not a work table. It's handy to have it near the back door to put things on when I am in and out of the house. And Micky likes to sit there when he comes to visit. If it's raining he can shelter underneath it.

I'm a bit tired now so I'll say goodnight. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. Oh,Ive had another lazy day in the garden!!,Watered the plants,dug the compost where something had been having a party in it and did another couple of lines full of washing.Apart from cooking some pasta to go with our salad,Ive sat and read ...all day!!.Youve done a really good job with your table Ilona!,At that great price Free again!.I love Free!.Im going to change my bedroom around in the next few days,but it will take up a full morning so Im wanting to make the most of the sun while its here.Theyll be plenty of time to do that when the the weather cools down!xx

  2. You are a woodworking marvel! Both crafty club ladies did a wonderful job, too! It must be so nice to have such a group to belong to; Feedback is so important.

  3. Nice table, Ilona. Best to you and your animal friends.

  4. Sandy in the USA8 May 2018 at 01:57

    Super job on the table Ilona! It looks great.

  5. Nice table, good job! I,m going to sit in my garden and work there a bit, its a sunny day, i liked that video ilona, thank you! Have a nice day. Greetings from the nederlands

  6. I do like Janet's hessian artwork. Looks a good table too Ilona.It's a bit hot for me at the moment.I've sat in the shade under an apple tree for a while though x


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