Friday, 18 May 2018

More pics from Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Hello again all you arty fans. I'm glad to see you are back for some more pics. I was walking through the lovely Sculpture Park and in the distance I saw what looked like a cartoon film show in the distance. Intrigued I had to have a closer look. People were walking very briskly across the grass, oh hang on, they are not real people. There was a large screen between the trees with figures marching across in both directions. Made me smile, I like the way it is in contrast to the surroundings. Took me about ten shots to get some pics, they walk so quickly.

Two figures crossing each other going in the opposite direction. 

This is a very large installation, Ai Wei Wei's Circle of Animals. Cast in bronze and standing three metres high. Twelve bronze heads representing the traditional Chinese Zodiac. There is more information about them on the YSP web site. The park setting is the ideal place to appreciate their uniqueness.

There is a short film of them being installed at Somerset House in London. It's amazing to think that these heads have been all around the world, and now we are able to see them in Yorkshire. They have  already been here a year, and it's due to finish in June 2019.

As well as the sculptures, the gardens are also nice to stroll through. The perfume from these yellow flowers was divine, I had to linger for a few minutes.

One of the galleries is quite a long walk through the park to the other side. There are two paths to the Longside Gallery, through a field of cows, they were curious but fine to walk through, and a steep wooded area. I went up through the cows and back down through the wood. Met this BIG chap on the way, he didn't take any notice of me, he was busy checking his mobile phone.

The views looking back towards the main complex.

I didn't stay long at the gallery, the Exhibition entitled 'In My Shoes and the Self Since the 1990's' didn't float my boat, mainly self portrait photographs, not interesting to me.

A walk back through the woods, passing Andy Goldsworthy's Hanging Trees which I've seen before, there are some pictures of it on a previous post. Back over the Cascade Bridge.

Have you fallen asleep yet, ha ha. Still more pics to come, so I'll stop now and come back tomorrow.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
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  1. Oh,I love your relaxing and its so nice to see where you go on your travels.I love the way you take close ups of things then the views from a distance.They make me feel as though I have also had a day out there!This is the sort of scenery we saw then we went on our last Mystery tour,up North,so Im hoping that when we go Ooop North again tomorrow,lol.Lovely places and very nice people.The pic of the Cascade Bridge is like the one we have in our local park.xx

  2. Barbara (Canada)18 May 2018 at 13:23

    Great photos, thank you for the tour of the sculpture garden. Many thanks as well for the video links. Ai Weiwei is one of my heroes!

  3. Love this. Keep the photos coming.

  4. Lovely photo Ilona, I believe I'm a monkey! Not sure how accurate that is!

  5. Belated birthday greetings and thanks for sharing your photos - have put a visit to the YSP nearer the top of my summer visits list! Looking forward to your 3rd instalment! Vicki

  6. Are you going to watch the Royal Wedding Ilona? xxx

    1. Probably not, unless it's streamed live on social media. I don't have a television set.

  7. Some great photos Ilona and good to know about the parking at the village hall as a days parking at the sculpture park would be unaffordable for a lot of people. Really pleased you had a lovely birthday.

  8. I never fall asleep through your pictures, well done, thank you for taking us along with you, keep on keeping on.

  9. These photos are fascinating Ilona. On my list to see if we visit the UK again from Oz. Pauline.

  10. Hello Ilona, I think the lovely smelling bushes might be Mimosa.


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