Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Last call for Walking Group photographs.

Hello. Isn't it amazing. I write a short post about a red blotch on my leg, because I can't think of anything else to write about, and I get 26 comments. I spend ages taking photographs and sorting them out, editing them, and writing up my walking trips and days out, and get half a dozen comments. As the saying goes, I think, 'less is more'.

I am happy to report that my red blotch is fading. I am able to resist scratching. Dabbing Germoline and TCP on it is my answer to anything a bit sore, so in a day or two it will be no more. Thank you for all your advice, it's nice to know you care.

Last call for the International Walking Group members photographs of where you walk in your area. The deadline is 12noon tomorrow, the 31st of May. This is not a competition on judging photographs, it's a prize draw .They will be published the following day on June the 1st, Friday, along with the check in miles from all group members.

The target for the end of May is 416 miles, for those doing the full Monty, 1000 miles. I have just scraped in with 426 miles, have been slacking a bit. The next target is of course 500 miles at the end of June. Some of you will have your own targets, let us know how you are doing on Friday.

Right now I am going round the corner to Angela's pad to see what she has been doing in her garden, so I'll say, catch you soon, and Toodle pip


  1. Evening Ilona

    Checking in after a hard day at sewing group (drive to Kirton seemed long both ways due to the 'orrible wevva!) - eyes are tired, so hope to sleep well tonight.

    Pleased to note that so many folk commented on your poorly leg. Hope it is showing signs of improvement.

    I'm not doing the walking challenge (although I probably walk 1000 miles round the house and garden throughout the year - but that doesn't really count), but good luck to all taking part.


  2. Oh,I enjoy all your blogs Ilona,weather its about your travels or you flashing your thighs,lol,I really do love all you write about,shopping,holidays,gardens,animals,walking and all things in general.Ive made a couple of those bottle top things today,The first time Ive ever done them and thats all due to you showing us the easy way on your last video.Ive made mine with tops off the gravy tubs...I thought Id go large,lol..Ive done them with the scrunchy side as the front and put a large vintage button to cover the holely bit where they pull together.Im so pleased with them!!.Im going to make some more tomorrow cause I loved doing them.Im going to show my Grandaughters how to make them.Later on in the year,Im going to do some Christmas themed ones to hang from the ceiling!xx

  3. It's called sods law Ilona x

  4. Your bite......15 years ago had 2 weeks in scottish highlands,got attacked by mossies,local shopkeeper advised Avon Skin So Soft. Worked a treat.

  5. I lost track of how many miles so I am going to guess that it is possible 350.... I may have done more but 350 is the figure I will say and then I will hopefully catch up.

  6. May 53.8 Millie’s year to date total 156.51 :)

  7. I hope your itchy bite is long gone.
    I really enjoy all your interesting posts but I think the high number of comments for the bite was everyone being concerned about you and trying to help sort a solution to what it was and stop the itch.
    Winter has hit here with a vengeance, hope you have had good walking weather there.


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