Saturday, 20 April 2013

A mishmash post

This is going to be a bit of a mishmash of a post, not really sure what to write about so I'll chuck a few things in the pot. First off, how to make a cheap veg curry. Buy two packs of yellow sticker, reduced, prepared vegetables, cost 50p. Chuck in a pan, in my case, a new pan, ha ha.
Add, curry powder, turmeric, two veg stock cubes cheap value brand will do, black pepper, mixed herbs, and some garlic out of a jar, forgot to put it in the picture.
Magic, cheap curry, enough for three days. You can add some rice if you want to, or pasta, I couldn't be bothered so ate it as it is.
Today I went to a car boot sale, it's one I haven't been to before, the other side of town, so I went to see what it was like. It was in a field, very well organised. It started at 1pm so a more civilised way of going about it, rather than the 6am start some of them have. I got there a bit early so had to wait ten minutes before they opened the gates, then it was like the charge of the light brigade. I noticed that there was a lot of stalls selling childrens toys and childrens clothes, also adult clothes, seemed a lot of denin about. I don't need any so I didn't buy. Also, some traders selling new stuff. I go to a car boot sale to buy second hand. I found two boxes of Whiskas pouches, (opened, therefore second hand), I asked the man, what happened to your cat, did it leave home. He said, our cat doesn't like this any more. Typical I thought, you get a cat what it likes, then it turns it's nose up at it. I bought the two boxes for £2, and dropped them off at Sue's for the rescue cats. While I was there, someone came to look at a cat. A very nice middle age couple decided that Charlie was the cat for them, and he seemed pretty happy with that. We aquired Charlie from a house near Liverpool, his owner had died, and the relatives couldn't find him a place in a rescue anywhere. Luckily we had a place, and now he has a new home.

I popped to town yesterday to go to the market. As I walked down the High Street I saw we have a new shop just opened. That's nice, I thought, we have a lot of empty shops, so a new one opening is good. Oh no it isn't when it is another furniture and household appliance and electrical shop, selling stuff on tick and charging extortionate interest rates. That's just what we don't need. I would rather see an empty shop than see them rip people off. It makes me so mad, another Brighthouse, my God, everything will be on credit soon. I'll have a bag of sugar please, and how much a month will that be.

I've had a letter from the RAC. They are not content with me getting breakdown cover from them, they now want to sell me life insurance. Well they can bloomin well stick it. So, I go through every bit of paper they sent me, tearing off my name and address, so the rest of it can go in the recycling box. You have to look at every piece of unwanted junk mail, because you find they have inserted your details in the application form, to save you filling it in. I never put anything out for recycling with my name and address on it. Paranoid, I don't care, no one will sift through my rubbish and steal my identity.

Here's another little rant, while I'm in the mood. Warner Leisure have got 50% off weekend getaways. More junk mail in the post. The leaflet says 3 nights from only £155 per person. Look down the list of venues on the back and there is one chuffin place in Suffolk at £155, all the rest are way above that, the dearest being £389. Then read the small print, the price is based on two people sharing. Excuse me but what about those who are single. Doesn't it make you want to chuffin spit.

I'm off to get another glass of wine. Tesco have got a very nice red South African Merlot on offer at the moment for £4. Cheers. Toodle pip.


  1. I'm with you on the identity theft Ilona - I always rip out my name & address out of all spam /letters before recycling it!

  2. We shred everything here. Our daughter's mailbox was gotten into and a credit card was issued. She caught it before the kid could use it. He was arrested on another charge. Our son's card number was snagged after using it at a gas station. He never did figure out how that was done. (One of those reader's?) We all have to be diligent!
    I'm having cheap wine, too! I made it from blackberries i picked last Fall. Yum! Cheers to you!

  3. Junk mail makes a great fire starter. It's snowing here....end of chuffing April and it's snowing.
    Jane xx

  4. Yes, why is it all the options on things or coupons for a dinner out treat are for couples? I guess they don't think single people eat. I also find that single diners don't always get very good service either, guess they think I won't tip well. Well I don't if I don't get good service.
    So glad Charlie has a new home, I passed a stand where a rescue was having adoptions today of dogs and cats, I would have gotten a cat if I didn't already feed three!

  5. So happy to hear that Charlie has found a new home with nice folks.

  6. Sounds like a busy day! Enjoy the merlot, and your curry looks delicious.


  7. So agree about shops moving into areas. Went to shops near where I grew up recently and was so sad to see that there were several of those cash exchange ones, takeaways and slot machine places now amongst the proper veg shops, charity, food shops etc. really makes the place look rundown but not that long ago was thriving for family shopping but now turned into bedsits and let houses so standard of area slipped and shop lets have too. Very sad.
    Always shred our paper ever since some firm rang and asked to speak to someone who I know of but whose grandparents live opposite. We also received post for him with our address on it too. Didnt like to think he was applying using our address for something but have checked our credit info and nothing shows up but was odd at the time. I always tick no communication when applying or filling in forms as well but the rubbish post still comes! Keep writing and walking - love to read.

  8. It's always based on 2 people sharing, drives me mad. As do 'Brighthouse' type shops.

  9. Nice to hear the cat has a new home.
    Regards snipping out the information bit from your mail: I usually shred all junk mail, and non glossy papers go into the compost bin.

  10. Hello Iloma from House fairy
    You are doing well with veggie dinners = nothing fattening in sight! I love pastry.

    I think the rescue cats will be happy and thank full of your purchase of Whiskas.Would one of your own 3 cats not eat it?

    The Warner weekend break is costly :(
    I have just started looking into a mid week break for 2 adults and 1 large dog.
    In the lead for my booking at the moment is Camber sands with Park resorts. It makes me sad that they charge £30 for 5 nights per dog. I bet the dog does not get any thing.
    I would like to be given a goody bag = few treats and dog toy.It would make me more inclined to chose to stay with them.

    Nearly put have you been watching the London marathon this morning, I have just remembered you have no TV. Perhaps you will see a bit on catch up.
    I watched for 2 hours wile knitting my 3rd cardi. This one is in a coral colour.I found the wool in the loft when we had a clear out.

  11. Your curry looks so good. I hear you about the way shops move in and really don't make the town any better for it. I live in a smallish town where there used to be nice shops on the main street (high street). I used to be able to shop there for almost everything I needed when my kids were young. There were nice clothing stores, shoe stores, green grocer, etc. Now there are at least 3 dollar stores. I like dollar stores and find them to be great for certain things but who needs 3 of them in the same town? There are also places to cash checks that charge you a fee or loan you money before you get paid and then you owe them that money plus hefty finance charges. There is also a pawn shop. The rest of the town has remained nice but that main street has changed so much that it's unrecognizable. I feel bad for the small store owners because they can't survive.

  12. I really dislike the Brighthouse shops. Such a rip off. I have to fight the urge to stop the people who go in them, I want to give them a shake and say stop, you don't need a flat screen tv !!!

    Its always nice to hear about a successful rehoming, lucky Charlie.

    Aldi do a nice Merlot called Grapevine for only £2-99.

  13. Ruth here.
    You are absolutely right about those Brighthouse type shops, Ilona. People watch the telly/read magazines/visit friends etc and they are brainwashed into thinking that they must have the latest sofa/telly/washing machine etc. Except they can't afford it (i.e they haven't got the money saved up)
    So they go to those awful places like Brighthouse/Perfect Homes or whatever and pay through the nose for them.
    Makes my blood boil-but they seem to be very popular. Go figure!
    Quite right too about taking your name of your mail before you put it in the recycling-identity theft is big business apparently.

  14. We also remove our names and addresses from all mail before putting it out for recycling, and yes, you have to look carefully to make sure you catch it all. We shred the pieces we remove with an electric shredder we got for 1/2 price a while back. The shredded stuff then also goes into the recycling. It's a cross shredder and the pieces that come out of it are tiny so I'd like to see anyone try and go through the bag and glue all that together to discover our details. We have a Brighthouse here too. The prices are extortionate and I wouldn't use them no matter how desperate I was. Good for Charlie; I hope he enjoys his new home and his owners get as much pleasure from him as we do from our two moggies. Oh, and your curry looks yummy.

  15. I have been delivering chuffin' leaflets today.

  16. So pleased Charlie the cat has found a forever home, I have just got home froma 5 day break with National Holidays It cost me £179 plus £20 single supplement (I got a large double room) that was bed/breakfast & evening meal and the coach journey We had a tour out each day to places like Bath, Wells, and Cheddar Gorge, all inclusive of the price.The hotel was very good and meals extremely tasty and plenty of vegetarian dishes The manageress was very good and and asked us all if we had dietary problems to let her know and we could be catered for. there was entertainment in the bar/lounge every evening. I have had quiet a few of these holiday breaks some were 5 days for £99 these are usually late autumn & early new year dates My History club like these £99 trips away.
    We have a Brighthouse store near me but I wouldnt touch it, some people do not look into the real cost and its usually the people who live on benefits etc who seem to frequent these shops. People do not seem to save for things they want these days I save and get nothing I can not afford and often find I really could do without whatever I was saving for. I enjoyed your Blackpool days Ilona how time flies. Like many I shred everything that can not go in the compost bin. Best be safe than sorry

  17. Of all your posts, Ilona, the ones that always put the biggest smile on my face are the ones where a cat has been rehomed :)

  18. I do enjoy your this and that posts!

    Great news about Charlie, that brought a lump to my throat.

    Enjoy the wine. Cheers!

    Sft x