Sunday, 28 April 2013

Day 1. Ellesmere Port to Winsford

I'm feeling well chuffed tonight, I am at Winsford in Cheshire, 22.8 miles from the start at Ellesmere Port. 
This is the room decorated for the party last night. It looked very nice. There was a sweetie bar for the youngsters, and me of course, I did partake of a few treats. The caterers brought the food in and filled the table along one wall at the bottom end. There was hot and cold food to choose from, it was a lovely buffet. The man who played the music was excellent, he went around the room taking photo's of everyone, then projected them onto the wall in a slide show. He also played a video of the wedding ceremony which was held on board a cruise ship. 

My good friend Linda, and her gorgeous daughter Ellen, and her new husband, Ollie.
I left this morning just after 9am. Today was all about getting the miles in. There was no need to bimble around Chester because I took all the photo's there last time, so this time I bypassed it altogether. Not many photo's taken today because I wanted to press on. Crossing the M56. I did a lot of road walking so I could keep up a good pace.  
Some of the villages I passed through if you want to check the map. Picton, Mickle Trafford, Guilden Sutton, Great Barrow. Tarvin, Oscroft, Weetwood Common, Willington Corner, Utkinton, Cotebrook, Little Budworth, and Winsford Town. 
This is Great Barrow church
Don't run me over, I'm round the bend, ha ha. I was too hot so I had to take my jacket off, I was in two minds whether to put my shorts on, I think I could have done, I hate it when my trousers stick to my sweaty legs. Maybe I will tomorrow.  
I went into Tarvin to buy a few supplies, as I didn't think I would find another shop open if I left it any later. Most close early on a Sunday. There was a small Co op supermarket, my goodness, the prices were astronomical. Took me ages to find something without having to take out a mortgage on it. This black and white house was much nicer than the church next door. 
Onward through the villages mentioned above, this large pool was near Cotebrook, right next to the road. The black and white building is a tea room and restaurant.  
Just after that I passed close by Oulton Park, I could hear the cars racing around the track, I walked into the entrance hoping to snatch a few pics, but there was tall fences up so I couldn't see them. This flower pot man was sitting on a garden wall at Little Budworth. Someone has a sense of humour. 
As I was leaving the village it started drizzling, never mind, put the brolly up. Ten minutes later the rain came down really hard so it was time to put the jacket back on, and cover the rucksack. Next I had a long slog over four fields full of cows, thank goodness they weren't really bothered about me. At last I reached the outskirts of Winsford, it was still raining. I thought it would be dead easy to find a B & B, decent size town, must be somewhere. I asked a young girl, she said there isn't anywhere, but there are places at Middlewich.   It didn't look very promising, but I couldn't face walking another two miles. Then I saw a sign for Police Station, aha, I'll ask them. Nope, it was unmanned, no one there. Then I went to the ambulance station just round the corner, surely there will be someone on duty there. A very nice paramedic gave me directions to The Winsford Lodge. When I got there, there was a sign up saying No Vacancies, but I rang the bell anyway. Bingo, success. They had a room. Breakfast is at eight, so I should get away by nine tomorrow. Rubbish tele tonight, by the way.
Toodle pip.


  1. I know all the area you've been in, relatively (well about 20 miles away or so from me) We used to cycle a lot that area. Cotebrook is lovely and the area around Oulton Park.

  2. The flowerpot man,dog and cat gave me a giggle...hope the weather holds.
    Jane x

  3. I watched the weather for the week tonight and it looks like you will get some good walking weather. Hope they are right.

  4. so sorry you got rained on, thankful you got a room, am enjoying traveling (!) with you!

  5. Wow! I thought I'd done a load of walking just going round the shops on Saturday! Brilliant stuff. X

  6. Looked like a great night. Hope you had fun. Looks like you had some blue sky before the rain. Always miss the beautiful architecture in England. Have fun!

  7. so glad you managed to find a bed for th e night, haystacks can be very damp and chilly at this time of the year LOL

  8. So glad that you had a great time at the wedding celebration.
    I would have rang the bell too, even though there was a No Vacancies sign...good for you.
    Continue to enjoy your walk.

  9. great going Ilona.What great mileage for a firstday. Enjoy

  10. Ilona, so impressed with your moxie! Can't imagine myself undertaking solitary long-distance, throw-caution-to-the-wind treks without knowing where the day will end. You go, girl!

    Enjoyed the potman/animals so much I pinned it to my Pinterest boards ... do you mind? If so, I'll remove it.

    Happy trails,
    Sharon in Alabama (USA)

  11. Wow your in my hometown! I live in Winsford I didnt realise you were visiting. Hope you enjoyed it and its surrounding areas!


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