Thursday 18 April 2013

Power walking and healthy eating

Look closely, what can you see?
Not sure? Now can you see it?
Bet you can see it now, ha ha. Yes, it's Tommy the toad. I planted my potatoes out yesterday, and as I lifted the plastic cover on a raised bed, I found my little friend half buried in the compost. I remember seeing him last year, glad he has survived the winter and is still around. I relocated him to a plastic box full of compost, and re covered him. I've just been out to check and he is still there.
This morning I got my arse into gear, and went for a walk. I usually faff about a lot in the mornings, then before I know it, half a day has gone. Today I felt like having a power walk. It's very very windy here, but not cold, so my intention was to walk quickly for the exercise rather than bimble and mooch about. The purpose of the walk was to keep fit. I did 7.76 miles in two and a half hours. Looking down at the River Trent, the water seems very choppy, even though we are a good way inland.
I like the way the clouds scooting across the sky cast a shadow over the landscape. They were moving so fast, like watching a film that has been speeded up.  
I went into Alkborough village and out the other side. The tea room was open but no time to stop, I'm on a mission. Someone has got a massive pile of logs for their wood burner. Looks like a whole tree has been chopped down.
About half a mile out of Alkborough on the West Halton Road, I turned right to go up a track.
The track took me through a farm and into Coleby. Then I picked up another track to come back home. I had the wind full in my face, it was a battle to keep going. Half way down a field edge is a memorial bench, far too windy to sit down today. Every time I go past this bench, it always has real flowers in the vases. Today, some of them had blown into the field behind so I picked them up and put them back. It won't be long before the daffodils are flowering. Someone really likes this place.
Last night I gave in and went to Tesco, it's three weeks since I was last there. Just shows how you can stretch a weekly shop into a two weekly, or even longer. In the last three weeks my top ups were eggs from B & M, and a bit of veg, bananas, and plain yogurt from Aldi. I had all the bread I needed in the freezer.
There were a few bargains to be had, I didn't wait for the 90% off markdown, I was happy with 75% off, and at 9pm my trolley went through the checkout at £17.60. A cooked ham treat for the cats in there, and £2.09 for a bag of grated cheese. Did you know that sometimes grated is cheaper than buying a block. I always get mature, I picked up a 350grm block for £2.49, then found a 350grm bag of grated for £2.09. Pays to compare prices.
This is my lunch which has just gone down the hatch, Salad leaves, chopped spring onion, sliced mushrooms, grated cheese, potato salad, and brie cheese. Very nice with a few dollops of cheap Value dips thrown on the top.  
The sun has come out, and I am going to do a bit more faffing.
Toodle pip.


  1. Hello Ilona

    If possible hibernating toads hould be left undisturbed, however if you had to move him then a similar habitat would be fine but I notice you say you put him in a box, this isn't something that would be natural for him and what about getting out when he wants to? They do tend to come out and forage quite a bit when the weather is a bit milder then return to their hibernating state again.

  2. Hello Jack. I had to move him as he was right in the middle of the bed where I wanted to plant the potatoes. It is one of those oblong storage boxes, eight inches high, and on the ground next to a pallet. I filled it up to within one inch of the top with the compost from the bed, and left a gap along the side next to the pallet. He could easily hop out if he wants to. I've just been to look, he is still there.

  3. I'm sure he'll be able to hop out of the box whenever he wants.

    Our pond has suddenly come to life with lots of toads and frogs all hopping about and doing their stuff, and suddenly two of the fish are visible again, I was sure we had lost them over winter, obviously they were hiding at the bottom.

    Watch out for grated cheese although it's sometimes cheaper than the block cheese some of the brands have got flour mixed in to keep it free flowing and this then weighs it down a bit more. Usually it's just as tasty though.

  4. Hello Ilona from House fairy.
    Felling a bit fed up today. Every day I have to put a meal for 2 on the table between 5 and 6pm and then wash it all up. Today it just seems like a chore. I wish some days I did not have to bother!
    I am just moaning. I should be grateful, I know.

    1. we all have days like that hun....chin up

  5. It's been quite warm here. My walk today was certainly not as long as yours but I did a bit of 'marching along' and I ended up dancing this afternoon so I'm quite pleased that I'm keeping up the keeping fit! I could just eat your plateful of salad now.
    Love from Mum

  6. Warm and windy in Yorkshire too. Your dinner looks lovely, I have always been puzzled by the cheaper grated cheese thing, I bet its really handy to freeze. Will give it a go next shop. We get a lot of frogs and toads in our garden as we live by a stream - at least I think thats where they come from. I would never harm one but they do frighten me when I suddenly see one. I have to stop myself from screaming. Silly me.

  7. Pure inspiration. I wanted to walk today but needed to wait in for the chap to fix my fence that blew down last night in the gales. Will walk tomorrow,
    Dianne - Hereforf

  8. you inspire me to walk so I am on sunday with a dear friend.....many thanks

  9. Good afternoon Ilona and every one
    Feeling much better today and my black mood has lifted.
    The washing is blowing on the line and the daffodils are dancing.Been to Asda and bought many whoopsies.

    Will be sitting in the garden soon to brush our dog. He needs to get rid of his winter fur now the sun has arrived.

  10. Ruth Here
    I was wondering Ilona, how you know how far you have walked, as you give quite precise distances? Do you have a little gadget?

  11. Hello Ruth. I use a web site called Enter the start place in a little box, the map comes up on the screen. Then click all along the route walked with the mouse. It adds up the distance as you click. When you get back to the start, or the end if doing a linear walk, you have a total. Easy peasy.

    1. Ruth here
      Thanks for that Ilona-im going to have a look at bike hike right now!


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