Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sunday walk.

Hiya peeps, hows your Sunday been? It's been glorious here, sunny, slight breeze, and dry. I went out soon after breakfast for a local walk, the same walk that I did on Thursday, this time I did it the opposite way round. Also added a twiddly bit on, to make it up to just over eight miles. Another power walk, so it was best foot forward and stride along. I wanted to do it in the two and a half hours, so had to be a bit brief when I met people who were chatty. Everyone I met was in a good mood, most people know me round here because I am always out and about. It's good to see everyone making use of the countryside.
Coming into Alkborough, this chappie standing at the entrance to a courtyard looked so realistic, I was half expecting him to move or say something. Somebody has a good sense of humour, made me smile.
The English flag was flying high on the top of the church.
The Coronation Club was decorated with flags.
Outside the front door was a damsel in distress at the top of a tower. She is waiting for St George to come and rescue her. She will have to wait until Tuesday though, after he has slain the dragon, ha ha. Happy St Georges Day for Tuesday.
I was ready for my lunch when I got back, and hey, I ate it outside, like the tablecloth? Salad leaves, raw mushrooms, spring onions, spud in the microwave, grated cheese, and some dollops of plain yogurt which needed eating, it's three days out of date. This is the life, eh, eating outside, can't beat it.
After lunch I spent some time tidying the garden. The grass around the raised beds needed cutting back, the hedges needed trimming, and I finished off by mowing the lawns front and back. Lots of grass clippings for the compost heap. My old mower seems to be going on forever. Each Autumn I put it away, and out it comes again in the spring for another season. It was only a cheapie from B & Q, but it's been great, still works really well, even though the blades have had a bit of a bashing when I run over something hard.

I shall be having a day out on Wednesday, going to meet up with blogging friend Vixen 307. If anyone will be in the vicinity of Market Rasen in Lincolnshire, perhaps you would like to join us for a natter. It's a nice little town to have a bimble, we will be eating our packed lunches in the true frugal tradition. Email me and I'll give you a time and place, if you can come. 
That's all for now, Adios amigo's and Toodle pip. I'll leave you with tonight's sunset.


  1. Lovely sunset. Didn't think to take a photo.

    Wish I had now!

    I love your tablecloth. Pretty colour.

    We like eating outside and must do more in the good weather.

    Sft x

  2. Golly that photo of St George gave me a shock, it looks just like our friend Fred :-D

  3. Lucky weather, it's been miserable here, pouring down this morning, windy and cool. Got out a bit later in the afternoon but still cold.

  4. Sounds a lovely day and with that beautiful sunset to end.

    Happy St. Georges Day for tuesday to you, too.

    Jake's a Girl

  5. St George my arse....made me laugh. Looks like a lovely day. What a sunset!

  6. What an energetic lady you are Ilona. An eight mile walk before lunch and come home to do gardening! I thought I did well with a wee 4 mile walk on Saturday morning....that would be a mini bimble to you.

  7. Even for a short walk, I still enjoyed it.
    Gorgeous sunset photo.

  8. Your energy puts mine to shame! I would need gas and air if I attempted half of your walks. I have a thumbnail of your latest blogs on my blogroll and looking at it this morning I thought I could see a Knight. Was sure I was wrong, where on earth would Ilona find a Knight! Brilliant photo and story!

    Linda xx

  9. Hi Ilona, I thought that guy was real! What is it? A cardboard photo? That's so funny.

  10. Hi KG, yes the face is a cardboard photo. From a distance I thought it was real.

  11. What a beautiful sunset Ilona. Happy National Day for tomorrow (St George ) I wonder who will be flying the English flag in their yards / gardens.

  12. Hi from Burton Ilona, You have appeared on my toolbar somehow and I am enjoying the adventures of Ilona the mean queen. As Uncle Stan says - 'You are a gutsy lady'. Lovely sunset photograph. We have been having an after lunch snooze in the beautiful hot sun. (The two old codgers.


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