Sunday, 7 April 2013

Spring has sprung :o)

How has everyone's Sunday been, have you had a good one? I've had a belter. Firstly, it's sunny and warmish, hip hip hoooray :o) Secondly, Janet and I had a walk to Alkborough this morning, 5.5 miles round trip, along the hills above the River Trent. The birds were twittering, and there was no wind, a beautiful calm morning. A young lady on a horse came towards us so we stepped aside to let them pass. There are lots of horsey people around here, and they are often strolling along the country lanes and paths.

Our destination was the Paddocks Tea Room, arriving at 10.20am. We were surprised to see it so busy, people were queueing to get served and all seats inside were taken as they waited patiently for their order to appear. I believe the full breakfasts are very popular here.
We ordered a Latte Coffee, and a piece of mouth watering home made sponge cake. I went for the chocolate and coffee, and Janet had the lemon. They were delicious. It was warm enough to sit outside. We saw a few other people from our village, this is a favourite place for a treat on a sunny day.
On the way back we came across a lot of motorcyclists of all ages, riding on a course marked out with coloured pegs. It is a very steep slope and it takes some skill to remain on your bike. I asked a man who was spectating, lots of question, me being the nosey type, ha ha. He said the sport is called Trialling. There are eight sections to ride through on the course, and they have to go round the course five times. There are marshalls at all the sections and the aim is to not put your feet on the ground. If you do you lose points. There are county and national championships. He said some of the riders start from about four years old, and people come from quite a long way away to take part.
They looked like they were enjoying it. It's a fabulous location for it with the River Trent in the background.

Hey look, the only girl taking part. Good on yer lass, go for it.
We got back about 12.30pm, time for lunch. It was so warm I put a chair outside, ate my cheese sandwich and finished the last glass of wine. I didn't stay put for long though, as I had itchy feet, so I went off for another walk, this time in the opposite direction along the bottom of the wood to Flixborough. If you squint your eyes you might just catch a glimpse of a deer, dead centre amongst the trees.
This sign caught my attention, it was at the back of the pub. It's a pity I can't find a bed for that price every night when I am on my travels. Hmmmm, I've just had a thought, maybe this could be my retirement home. Second thoughts, I can't afford it :o(
An hour and threequarters after setting out I arrived back. The footie match was in full swing. I've no idea who was playing, I have no interest in football.  
The two walks totalled 10.5 miles, but as I already had my boots on, I thought it's a good idea to take a dog a walk, so I took Rocky out to meet his mates on the hills. It was a good time to go, as there was lots of dogs about. There was Dougal, Alfie, Ollie, Honey, Jack, Henry, and Marley. One big doggy party.
I think it's about time I cleaned my boots, I've done quite a lot of miles in them now, and they are getting more comfortable by the day. I've been through some sloshy mud and water, and I'm pleased to say, they do not leak. Let's hope they stay that way.
Catch you tomorrow. I haven't decided what to do yet. I think I'll surprise myself, ha ha. Hey, I'll tell you what, I've got an ingenious idea for the next arty farty piece. It will take some working out, I'll have to make a plan on paper first. Something to get my grey matter stuck into. Toodle pip.


  1. You ve got some energy Ilona ! Lovely pictures of the Trent, never seen it but I used to color it blue on the map when I was a school.
    Glad you and Rocky are paling around again, perhaps his folks finally appreciate what you do for him (or did you kidnap him :) )
    There is a little lady that walks all the time on our trails, she looks quite like you, she walks for miles and miles and the other day she told me she is 84 !!

  2. Wow! I admire your energy and fitness. You don't seem to tire!

    I am glad to see other people enjoying the outdoors; very different from your cold walk across the fields outside Louth.

  3. A great day - it is so nice to have a bit of warmth, or just the lack of that wind! We did a ten mile walk in Yorkshire today :)

  4. Dear Ilona, Hurrah for MeanQueen and hurrah for Rockie..will you be allowed to post pictures of him? So glad you two have got each other back

  5. what agreat day you had, it simply was a super springlike day wasn't it... we just pottered around in the garden and took the dogs out for a long walk... magic day, loved your blog, will be back for more** janzi

  6. I'll have a soy latte please!
    Jane x

  7. Glad you and Rocky are back together again....I must confess I would rather be on the horse, but not anywhere near those noisy dirtbikes....

  8. Its been a glorious day and I've been dog walking too. So pleased to hear Rocky is enjoying your company again.

  9. Thank you again for the walking tour.

  10. Jan here.....Good news for Rocky that you're pals again! Do tell us some of the story about it, did you get together with the owner and sort it out?

  11. Aww Rocky is back - am so glad.
    Sandy in NZ xx

  12. great walk and photos as always, thank you!

  13. I've been wanting to ask about Rocky for so long, but did not want to upset you.
    I'm so happy he's back.....I've missed him.
    Brownie says hi!

  14. Was reading through the account of your two walks, then saw the magic word - Rocky. We are so pleased that you have been able to take him out again, he must have missed you so much. Very good news.
    Wendy (Wales)

  15. Rocky is fine, thank you for asking.

  16. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  17. Jane, I have removed your comment, it was for my eyes only. I have an email address if you wish to contact me privately. Just for the record, you and anyone else does not know all the details of the situation. I cannot write about it here. Do not make judgements when you don't know the whole story, you don't know the background.


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