Monday, 29 April 2013

Day 2 Winsford to Macclesfield

Well that's a surprise, I didn't think I had walked as far today, but says it's 22.55 miles. I've got a couple of blisters on my left foot, which has slowed me down a bit, but not to worry, I'll just ignore them and carry on. So, this morning it was goodbye Winsford Lodge. It's a good place to stay, clean, comfortable, and a good breakfast.   
This looks a nice pub, it's on the way out of Winsford on the A54 near to the railway station. I didn't try it, far too early, took a pic cause it looks nice.
I took some minor roads and arrived in Middlewich. Time to sit down and take my boots off for ten minutes while I ate a scone. The flowers in front of the church are lovely. 
There is a shorter route across to Holmes Chapel, but I didn't feel like dodging the traffic on the A54, so went in a roundabout fashion along some quiet roads. 
On the road out of Holmes Chapel is this long viaduct which runs parallel to the A 536.
At Twemlow Green is this lovely building, The Yellow Broom Restaurant. No time to stop for lunch. 
Next door is this impressive house, and it's for sale. 
Don't think I am spending all my time plodding along on tarmac, I have been off road today, through woods and fields, and a canal tow path, 
The sign at the end of the road said car's shouldn't attempt to drive through this deep ford. Thank goodness there is a dry footpath over it. 
Look at this fabulous church. It's at a place called Marton. A perfect place to sit on the bench and change my socks. Oooh, that's better. Now I can carry on.
On the way in to Macclesfield is a Premier Inn, I was ready to stop, so went in and asked for a room. Yes, they have one, it's £68 for room only. I said no thanks and walked out, I still had a little bit left in my legs, enough to get me to the town centre to look for a cheaper bed. After getting some supplies from Morrisons, I asked a man if he knew of a B & B. He gave me some directions and I found it. When I rang the bell, a man came to the door, and yes, he has a room. I had a choice, £38 for a basic room, not en suite, bathroom next door, or a twin en suite for £49. I decided to rough it with the cheaper room. A lot less than the sodding rip off Premier Inn. Heading off into Derbyshire tomorrow, not sure where I will end up. See you later. Toodle pip.


  1. You're getting close to my stomping ground! Other stuff going on here means I can't whizz out to see you - but do keep posting your location....'cos you never know!


  2. Hi. I have read your blog every day for the last few months and really enjoy it.
    If I had known you were coming to Middlewich you could have come to me for a break & a cup of coffee as I live very near to the church. That is a lovely picture of our parish church.
    I hope the weather keeps good for the rest of your holiday & I'm looking forward to seeing where else you visit.
    Keep safe. Donna

  3. Good morning Ilona from House fairy
    Sounds like you are having a lovely holiday.
    I am glad the weather has picked up. It was raining here in Hampshire all weekend.

    I was surprised at your tales of B & B. They do seem costly. No youth hostels this time?
    I would have though being a cheap skate like us. You would have researched on the net for places to put your head down in the area.

    I am looking froward to my mid week break coming up in 2 weeks time. We are going to stay nr Rye and Hastings in Kent.
    £79 for 4 nights, 2 people, in a caravan park and a whopping £30 for 1 dog.
    We will be doing plenty of walks with our golden retriever along the golden sands.

    1. When you go on holiday with dogs you really get ripped off. £30 for one dog-talk about profiteering!

  4. Another day of nice walking weather, and lots of miles covered too...good for you Ilona.

  5. Oh my goodness Ilona, how bizarre is this???? Keith was in Marton yesterday and today, getting a friend to transport some 'donor' vehicles from a farm there to over where we live.

    I know Twemlow Green of old, there used to be a 24 hour bike race every year finishing around Twemlow, a circuit, they used to go round and round until the time was up. We always used to go handing food up to riders in our club.

    Enjoy your trip around Derbyshire, it's really lovely round there.


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