Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Day 7 Scarborough to Nafferton.

I'm really struggling for a signal tonight, I'm in Nafferton near Driffield. I've walked 22.35 miles today and my feet are getting a bit sore. It was drizzly when I left Scarborough, then it was fine and I put my shorts on. But the rain started at 2pm and was still raining when I got here at 5.45pm. I am now feeling I want to get home, so no more pretty route, I took the most direct south bound route out of Scarborough, and kept to road walking most of the day. I passed the Railway Station.
There was a view of the sea when I walked over a bridge. I knew I had a lot to do today, so no time for sightseeing.

My original idea was to follow the coastal footpath to Filey, but now I want to head home, so I went through Osgodby, Cayton, Folkton, Flixton, Fordon, Wold Newton, Thwing, Kilham, and ending at Nafferton. 
This is Folkton Church where I found the door unlocked and went inside for a sit down. I had a nice chat with a woman who was decorating the church for a wedding. 
Most of the scenery was like this, before it started raining. Lots of stubble fields where the crops have been gathered. 
There is a lovely little duck pond on the village green at Wold Newton. I managed a couple of pics just as the rain started. 
When the ducks spotted me they rushed towards me quacking like crazy. Sorry ducks I have no food for you, I need it for myself. 

Tonight I am in a chalet at the back of a pub. It's a bit pricey at £55, but I was ready for stopping. I'm going to pull out all the stops tomorrow and see if I can get back to the Humber Bridge. It all depends on how my feet hold out. I'll try my best. Nighty night.
Toodle pip.


  1. Keep going Ilona, you are doing so well.
    Lets hope the sun is shining tomorrow and that your feet feel much better.
    We are all willing you on, wish we could walk with you to cheer you along.
    Take care.
    Pam in Texas. xxx

  2. Sorry the weather has not been kind, but you are still amazing to clock up so many miles each day!

    Good luck for the rest of the trip


  3. I know where you are. Jozef and I rode most of that early this summer. Wold Newton is so pretty, much nicer than the village of the same name in Lincolnshire. You are doing well Ilona. Hope you do get to the Number asap. God Speed

  4. Bon courage - you are doing great! I can imagine your wanting to get home after walking in the rain so much but for us reading of your walk in the comfort and dry of our own homes it's wonderful and is something I wish I could do too though I fear I've left it too late now at my age (a few years older than you) Wishing you all the best today.

  5. The fields of stubble and the tree is a real David Hockney Yorkshire scene in my eyes. I could have told you that was Yorkshire even if I hadn't known. Hope your feet aren't too sore. You've done a lot of walking trip. But I've enjoyed following along

  6. Why don't you treat yourself to two nights somewhere you like the look of and really explore that area, just to give your poor feet a bit of a break from the constant pounding of the road.

    But if home's calling, head for home. Only you know when you've had enough.

    Stay safe.

  7. Super pix, as ever.

    You are like a 'One Woman Tourist Board' for the North of England (just don't mention the rain).

    Granny G

  8. Sorry but I HAVE to ask...was it 'naff' in Nafferton?
    Jane x

  9. Lol, that one black & white duck looks like a toy, or like a painted gourd!

    I hope you get some dry time on your way home. =)

  10. I am praying your feet hold out! Two of your greatest strengths is that you believe in yourself and nothing frightens you. You are my hero! Keep it up and get home in good health.

  11. Hi dear,
    What a shame you're so focused on getting home and don't have time to relax and enjoy the scenery. Mind you, considering the mileage you're doing every day I'm not surprised! A good set of legs is a valuable asset, don't wear them out just yet. I wish you a relaxing few days when you arrive home before you start your next Odyssey!

  12. Sorry, the weather god ignored my messages. He must do better for your next trip, or else! Best of luck for the rest of the journey home.


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