Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Sock it to me

I am test driving some new socks tonight, went a bit mad today and spent some money. I sorted through my sock drawer, and to be honest some of them needed throwing out. Some of them are that old and full of holes, and are no longer fit for purpose. I have had extra wear out of them by turning them around so the heel part is on top of my foot, but now there are more holes, and they are wearing very thin with no cushioning between my feet and the boots.
So I thought I would treat myself to some super duper soft ones, and here I am walking around the house with them on. I must say, they feel lovely. I think they are going to make my walk a lot more enjoyable. Bye the way, I've got another pair just like these, ha ha.
Looks like I'm going to have some nice weather for this walk, probably only need shorts and a teeshirt. I've got the sun cream ready. The proposed route is marked on the maps in pink, the actual route will be highlighted in green. Just need to pack my rucksack in the morning then I will be off. I'm getting a lift to the station, spose I could walk really, best save my legs for the rest of it though.

I haven't done much training for this, no long day walks to build my muscles up. I'll soon get into the swing of it once I get going. Putting one foot in front of the other is not that difficult. All I need to do is to walk for nine hours a day for seven days, hoping for an average of 18 - 20 miles a day.

I've told the pussycats to behave, and not mess the cat sitter about. When she calls them to come in at night, they must come in straight away and not be naughty and run away.   

Let the fun begin. I'll see you up north tomorrow. Toodle pip.


  1. Good luck with your walk - I do envy your ability to walk all those miles with no apparent joint pain. It's a good job my collie is now elderly himself, because neither of us can do the walking we used to.
    I look forward to your photos as you go along.

  2. Oh my, paid off your mortgage and now you have become a high maintenance woman shopping up a storm (kidding!) Have a great walk!

  3. Good walking, Ilona. Be safe, have fun, and can't wait to see your pic's of this walk-a-bout.

    Jake's a Girl

  4. I just wanted to say how inspirational I find your blog and that of the Suffolk smallholder fugal in Suffolk. I have only just found blogs and tried to get onto her site to thank her but was unable to work out how to do so but have found that I could pop a comment on your site and I was wondering if you would be kind enough to pass my thanks and admiration on.
    I hope you have a lovely time walking in such a beautiful area, sorry about the transporter bridge, I grew up near the one in Newport a wonderful sight.
    Best wishes Gill

  5. Have a great walk Ilona and if you ever fancy doing some walking in Spain - we can offer you accommodation here - and a guide book in English full of interesting walks, both long and short. I love the socks! You can't neglect your feet they have an important job to do so I think they deserved them! xx

  6. Love the socks,, enjoy your journey. Looking forward to your (hopefully) daily updates.

  7. Wishing you a safe and enjoyable walk.

  8. Lovely new comfy socks for your walk, just what you need.

    Have a brilliant walk and stay safe, I look forward to following your progress.

  9. Have a great walk...I'll be here...walking in spirit!
    Jane x

  10. Have a wonderful walk meeting lots a great people and seeing the beautiful sights. Stay safe and well. I will be having a good time following your every step. Prayers will go with you.

  11. Safe journey.
    Love from Mum

  12. Oh, how I envy you. I`d love to have the time and physical ability to do what you are doing when I`m at retirement age. Actually, I`d love to be able to do some of it now!
    Have a lovely time!!

  13. Love the new socks, you deserve a treat.

    Have a lovely trip!

    Sft x

  14. Oh, have a great walk Ilona. Are you walking back, or are you going up the coast across the Tyne for a bit. Whitley Bay is a proper old seaside town. When I went there was a sandcastle competition on and there were some fantastic sights. Take care.


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