Monday, 2 September 2013

Mammoth recycling task

Ha ha, thought you might like this one, taken from an upstairs window. Look at the size of those monsters, towering above the garage. I have had to put extra lashings of rope across to hold them steady and stop them getting bashed in the wind. Still more flowers to come, must be about 12 feet tall now. I think I'll get some sweet peas next year, at least I will be able to see the flowers without needing binoculars.  
Craft and Chat club this morning. They have extended the time, we can now stay until 2pm, which is better really because by the time we have stopped nattering and looking at craft books, and drinking coffee, there's not much time left for actual craft work. Nine ladies turned up, some of them have brought different projects to work on from when they first started. I am plodding on with the patchwork because I want to finish it before I start on something new.
Last time I was there, two weeks ago, Ann the leader said they are having some new curtains for the stage. I said I might be interested in taking the old ones, instead of them being thrown out. The curtain man came today, to measure up, and I was asked if I was still interested. I thought about it for a few minutes, after inspecting them. They are a bit scruffy, and grubby, but I thought I would rise to the challenge of giving them a new lease of life. I haven't a clue what I will do with them. Wash them of course, but then what? I will have to cut them into sections to get them in the washing machine.
So, here's a challenge for you. What can I make with large amounts of dusky pink fabric? It isn't particularly heavy fabric like they use in upholstery, and not thin either. They are not velvet so they will wash, and they are lined with white, erm was white, cotton. There are a few snags in them where the threads have been caught, so they would only be suitable to make something useful which doesn't have to be the best quality.  Come on put your thinking caps on. Give us a clue.    
Here's another surprise I had this morning. Ann presented me with a large piece of brand new blue denim, it was left over from an upholstery project. It measures 5feet wide and 14 feet long. Well I immediately thought bags, but I will give it some thought and see if I can come up with another idea. Unless you can think of something original. Spose I could make ten pairs of jeans, ha ha. No maybe not. I haven't worn jeans for years, too itchy scratchy for me.
I have all my maps printed for the trip now. I was hoping to go over the Transporter Bridge over the Tees to Middlesborough, but checking the web site it says it's closed for painting and maintenance. That's a disappointment as it looks dead interesting. I've got to go towards Billingham and cross the river further down, and walk back alongside it on the south bank. I should be able to get some photo's though as the road passes quite close to the bridge. You can read about the Transporter Bridge here.  Here is a picture of the bridge.
Getting excited, not long now. Jane asks if I have a route. Well sort of is the answer. Start at the Tyne and finish at the Humber. Should be good. Are you coming with me.
Toodle pip.


  1. The curtains look a bit sad and tired. I think they would be used for dust sheets here, but you are craftier than me so I expect you will find a better use.
    Yes I'm " walking" with you. I've never been to that bit of the country so it will be interesting

  2. Could the pink fabric be used as a quilt backing? a duvet cover? new curtains to spruce up your home? dog/cat sleeping cushions? chair cushions? toss pillows? tote bags?table cloth and napkins? aprons? just some thoughts.

    Carol in CT

  3. I can't think of anything except slipcovers, bags, or smaller curtains. Hope you come up some great ideas.

  4. You have plenty of material.
    I'm in Turkey with my daughter and I'm making good use of my bag. It keeps my water cool at the beach. A great gift

  5. Blimy,,, look at the size of them Sunflower plants!! Will they/can they grow much taller?
    No idea about the curtain, or the denim!

  6. Why not make a few draft excluders for the house, some pet bedding covers, or some winter curtains with double layer. No ideas as yet what to do with all your jeans fabric.

  7. What a beautiful bridge.
    I am excited for you too. Can't wait for you to start your adventure!

    Sft x

  8. Looking forward to 'Walking With You'

    Granny G

  9. Both of those fabrics could be good for making slip covers for arm chairs, or curtains or bags - those are great fabrics.

  10. Would the curtains be good strong fabric for rugs .. either pegged or long strips plaited together and sewn into rugs... just a thought.

    Vicky x

    1. I like that idea, Vicky. Will give it some thought.

  11. We went across the Transporter Bridge this year, another 'to do' ticked off my list :0)

  12. Crikey those sunflowers are humongous!!

    Hope you get some great ideas for your fabric. I am sure what ever you make it will be fabulous!


  13. Cozy blankets for kitties....covers for furniture...draft excluder curtains?
    Jane x

  14. Of course I'm coming with you on your walk...can't wait.
    The bridge is beautiful.

  15. I would make curtains for my bedroom.
    Or a patchwork quilt using the blue fabric, lots of blue/pink squares with a blue border, and a complete pink as the backing, if that makes sense!
    Or lots of small quilts for the cats, along with matching cushions?

  16. What about wheat/bean bags. The curtain fabric looks soft and cosy for a painful neck, shoulder or back. When will your walk begin? Keep safe dear Ilona.

  17. How about using the pink stuff for those little bean bags you can put in the microwave to retain heat? I'm not sure how much the 'beans' cost but if you make the bags you can probably get others to buy the innards and then give them to folk that might need them this winter for themselves and their pets' baskets.

  18. You could make pet bean bags for cats(pink for the girls and blue for the boys) or if you remember the VW Beetle 'jeans' you could make some denim car seat covers. Or make all the fabric into clothes an weigh them in at the cash for clothing shop.
    Pity about the transporter bridge being closed. I looked on the link and discovered that theres one behind the washing powder factory in Warrington that spans the Manchester Ship Canal but its derelict.

  19. Nice sunflowers, what are you feeding them on? Whatever it is I want some of it.

  20. I would maybe cut the pink curtains into strips and use for 'big wool' projects - so many things can be made this way, rugs, baskets, bags, wall hangings, indoor shoes even :) depending on your preference you could make things to sell on or donate - kitty baskets might be good for that, or make something for yourself if you can think of anything you need!

  21. You've already been given plenty of good ideas, but just wanted to mention that some or all of the pink fabric might be rotted. (Seems unlikely they would replace something of that size unless there was something seriously wrong with it). If you have pieces that aren't good enough to use, but aren't completely rotted--save them for drop cloths the next time you do some painting. Or, use them to cover plants when frost is expected. Any parts that come apart in the washing machine probably aren't worth saving.

    If you get fabric that still is good enough for cushions, etc., consider dyeing it if pink is not your thing. Shades of purple, red and brown would likely cover the pink.

    I have a friend who made seat covers for her old VW Bug from blue denim.


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