Monday, 23 September 2013

Like a spider

Yesterday morning I opened my curtains to see this busy little spider weaving his web, going round and round in ever decreasing circles. Look how perfectly aligned the fine threads are, each section completed with meticulous accuracy. Aren't spiders wonderful industrious workers. Today he is sitting there in the centre waiting for his next meal, I walk around it so I don't destroy all his hard work.  
Just like the spider I am going round and round working on my patchwork, painstakingly stitching away, as it grows bigger and bigger. Unlike the spider, I started in the middle and work out towards the edge. He has created his web in a matter of a couple of hours, I think I will be stitching for a bit longer than that.

I made this video yesterday, and would you believe it took almost 24 hours to upload it to yootoob. It said I was in a queue, I had to leave it running all night. Anyway, it's ready now.

Barbara says she is thinking of having a go at this and asks a question. Barbara, I leave the paper inserts in while I am joining the squares to make the strip. Once the strip is the right length, I then remove the papers and pin it to the edge of the patchwork. If you wish you can iron it at every stage. I don't iron it at all while I am working on it. I will iron it once it is completed and ready for the backing to be sewn on, to make sure it is flat and no lumps and bumps. Have a go, you could start by making something smaller like a cushion cover.

I did my £30 Tesco shop yesterday, I went at 3pm, an hour before the store closes, so was able to snaffle a few reduced items as well. Most of my purchases were items for the store cupboard, long dates on them to be used over the next six months or so. Tesco keep sending the money off vouchers and I only ever use the £4 off, not needing the rest at £3 off. When I got home I noticed that the checkout lady gave me an extra voucher, as part of the Price Promise promotion, to be used against my next shop. Now I wonder what I should spend my £0.01 on. Whooopeeeee, can't wait, ha ha.

This morning was the Craft and Chat club. Two new faces came along so that was good. The more the merrier. Now I'm off to the mobile library. Think I might go out tomorrow if the weather is still warm and dry. The sore heel/ankle is a bit better, so I should be alright with soft footwear on.
Toodle pip.


  1. I know you will spend that penny wisely.

  2. Ha ha. I got a 2p coupon the other day.

  3. I'm with you with spiders(love them too:-),smart,wee lightworkers they are!

    Love your witty and humour tone of this specific post ,thank God for SOH; it has served you well for sure Iiona!!!


  4. What a lovely video, Thankyou so much. It was so lovely also to hear your voice. I am plucking up the courage to make my first patchwork cushion cover, your video has inspired me.

  5. I love spiders as well - I love this this time of year when we get heavy dew and/or frosts and the webs are laden with silver gems :)

  6. Every little helps...I guess. But I bet you use that voucher ; 0 )

  7. Wish I had your patience and fortitude Ilona. I have been putting off turning up a pair of trousers for weeks. I don't know whether to just get on with it or send it to you.!! :-)

  8. Ah, I see! Thanks, Ilona!

  9. Well, if you ever need to 'spend a penny'......
    Jane x

  10. Thoroughly enjoy your blog :) I just came across this site and thought you might enjoy reading it. He's planning a 150 mile walk across Scotland. He also watches his pennies and couchsurfs!


  11. Hi Ilona, love your videos which are very informative and well set up. Mainly though, I love hearing you say hello and byebye to all of us, it really cheers me up!
    Wendy (Wales)

  12. Look after the £0.01 pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.

  13. Webs really are works of art and engineering aren't they, and we waft them away sometimes without realising, I think I'll be extra careful from now on and go the long way round if there's one in my way. What I would like to know is how they manage to get from somewhere like our shed right the way across the grass to the climbing frame a distance of at least 12 yards to attach a length of web to either side. I'd love to see that happen, I know that particular one gets me most mornings.

    I'm sure your 1p coupon will come in very handy, I always use them no matter how small the amount, it all adds up in the end.


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