Friday, 13 September 2013

Day 8 Nafferton to the Humber Bridge

I'm having a lazy day today, I need to keep the weight off my right ankle, which is quite badly swollen. I'm not sure what has caused this. I've worn these boots before on a long walk, and they were perfectly alright then. I'm sure no lasting damage has been done and the swelling should go down in a day or two. The blisters are no bother, just small ones which are healing nicely.
It was dry when I left Nafferton at 9am, and was to remain dry all day, thank goodness. I had thought I might head for Driffield, but looking at the map, I could save a bit of time by bypassing it. After a hearty breakfast at the Starr Inn, I passed the very large duck pond on the way out. Mums had just dropped their youngsters off at school, and stopped to feed the ducks with their toddlers. There is a specially built concrete ramp at the corner of the pond so the birds can come up close and jump out of the water.

 It's a huge pond with little coves, a nice haven for wildlife.

 The church opposite stands on a small hill, looking quite grand.

I had decided that I could possibly get home if I put my mind to it. My feet were feeling sore, so it wouldn't have been much fun to dilly dally about. I wasn't sure how many miles I had to cover, but estimated it to be similar to yesterday, 20 and a bit. Worth giving it a go. I started marking the map at one hour intervals, to see how much ground I could cover in the time. I was between Wansford and Skerne in one hour, at Cranswick in two hours, at Beswick in three hours, and Leconfield in four hours. That gave me some idea that I could cover the distance and get home. I have to say that the ankle was giving me some grief when I was at Beswick, I could have sat on that church bench for the rest of the day. But I was in a tiny village in the countryside, what could I do, knock on someone's door and say, my feet hurt? They might have offered me a cup of tea, but I was not immobile, I could carry on. So my solution was to press on, the quicker I get there, the quicker I can sit down.  
I came into Beverley and walked right through the centre of town. I have been here before so no need to look around. Just a few quick pics. The name of this street is, North Bar Without. Always amuses me.

 I walked past the church, the cathedral is in another part of town.

 There is a lot of work going on in the Market Place, it's very dusty and noisy. This pub is close by.

 I found out that they have extended the cycle track all the way from Beverley to the Humber Bridge, that's handy, that's just what I need. A lot of it runs alongside the busy A164 road, but comes off it now and then and takes a slightly different route. I decided to leave the A164 just past Castle Hill Hospital and take the road to Willerby and Anlaby. down to Hessle. I have used this route before, it is not straight forward but takes you away from the busy road.

And this is the last pic, at the toll booths of the bridge, waiting for the bus to take us across. My feet are knackered and I can't walk any further. Puddytat says he has had a lovely journey, but didn't like being covered up in the rain.

Total miles for the trip is 152, an average of 19 a day over eight days, mostly on the flat, with a few ups and downs along the coast roads. That will do nicely. It is the second highest mileage, the most being Morecambe to the Humber Bridge at 162 miles, and that took nine days.

I have a short video which I did yesterday, it's taking ages to load onto yootoob, so I'll post it on tomorrow. Just a quick thank you to the people who read my blog, for following me on my trip. I feel as if I wasn't alone, knowing I had you to chat to each night. Thank you to Brenda who put me up for the night, it was lovely meeting you and your family. Your kindness will be rewarded. Thank you to Julie who came out to meet me, twice. You are a fabulous lady doing a very difficult and challenging job. Bless you for caring.  And the biggest thank you to my fantastic cat sitter and friend, Janet, you are a star.
Catch you tomorrow. Toodle pip.


  1. Well done for sticking it out. I'd have been tempted to call a cab and get home ASAP. Probably the first rainy day too!

  2. Glad to hear you are back home without a lot of trouble. Take care of your ankle. My husband thinks there should be some press coverage of your walks. You are such an inspiration!

  3. A really big thank you for taking us with you on your walk. I so enjoyed being with you as I am sure, did all your readers.
    A fantastic achievement, well done, you are an inspiration.
    Enjoy a restful weekend and I hope your feet and ankle are soon better.
    Pam in Texas. xx

  4. Love the picture of the cathedral. Well done you and sorry about the ankle i know what it's like to struggle with an injury I did mine in on the Manx Coastal Path. A well deserved glass of wine that was.

  5. I enjoyed your walk so much, wish I could have been there IRL. Hope your ankle heals quickly.

  6. Well done! Hope that your ankle will feel better after some rest. You deserve a medal and I added up your mileage this morning and got 156.45 so either my maths is rubbish (quite likely) or you have done more than you thought. Wonder how many steps that was?!!! Have a restful weekend catching up with your feline friends and keeping in out of the rain if your weather is anything like ours.

  7. Lovely pictures. Good to see you return home safely. What would you do without a trusty friend to look after your cats? I also have a good friend that does the cat sitting for me tomorrow as we are off to Bromley (London Borough) where a family member of Rick is celebrating his 60st wedding anniversary. We`re back home on Sunday afternoon.
    I trust you will have a long rest before you embark on another epic walk.

  8. well done you! You are a real inspiration for me to get out of the chair and increase the mileage that I walk, which is nowhere near as good as yours, it's been so interesting reading your blog and seeing your photos, keep up the good work ( and walks!)

  9. Danneke looking in again. Well done Ilona, you gave us some lovely pictures on your walks. As for the feet, blisters and swollen ankles, try bathing the feet in some peppermint oil, its so soothing and very good for foot therapy. I usually give my feet a treat like this after I have been to the chiropodist, give it a try. I also use an Aloe Vera gel for swellings a little goes a long way and reduces the swelling and pain fast. I hope you manage to have a bit of a rest after such a trip but knowing you you will be planning something else for the near future Again well done

  10. You are amazing. I followed your walk all week. You need to rest up now ready for your next adventure.

  11. No need for thanks. We are just paying forward kindness that has been shown on our cycle trips. You have done really well. Have you thought about applying an ice pack to your sore ankle. That would be my first advice. Take care girl.

  12. Welcome back home. Hope your ankle mends soon. Thank you for the walk.
    Love from Mum

  13. Your poor feet and ankle! I hope you are soaking them in epsom salts. Heal fast and let us know how you are feeling. I did enjoy all your photos and commentary. You need to walk like the long distant swimmers swim. They have a support boat behind them, you should have a support car. You probably don't want to do that, but it would make me feel better.

  14. I have followed your trip over the last week,,,great pictures along the way. Well done on walking that distance.

  15. I love your walks...and if I lived in the UK...I'd be walking right with you.
    Jane x

  16. I enjoyed being with you on your walk. Well done.
    Great blog as usual.
    Thank you.
    Dianne - Hereford

  17. A real inspiration to all "senior citizens", "golden oldies" or whatever the politically correct term is for those of us who have reached the big 6-0.
    We're not quite over the hill yet.

  18. Glad you're home safe and sound. Prayers that ankle is back to normal before you know it.
    Soak those busy feet in some Epsom Salt.
    Thank you for taking us along on this wonderful walk. I love the pictures! Like Jane...If
    I was there i'd be walking with you, too.

    Jake's a Girl

  19. Beverley was Jim's home town so we've spent a lot of time there.
    A Bar is a (Yorkshire?) word for a town gate - so North Bar Without is the road just outside the North Gate.

    Jim & a teenage schoolfriend stirred up a lot of indignation by sending a tongue in cheek letter to the local paper proposing the demolition of the North Bar (that narrow arch), because it delayed the traffic.


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