Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Revisiting my super yacht

Remember this from last year, when I went to Canary Wharf London to see my super yacht. It was there for the Olympics. A wealthy businessman from Australia owns it. I was able to speak to a crew member, but sadly wasn't allowed to go on board. I was so excited to see it.
Well, yesterday I had an email from someone who had read the post, and he sent me a link for the web site of the company who designed and built the interior. I didn't know at the time that it had a refit just before it came to London, and a new helipad had been built on it. From that link I found more information and more photo's, and a video of the first time a helicopter landed on it at sea. I've put the links here if you are interested. The video is lovely, and the interior is fabulous.

Read the report on the refit here, in The Superyacht Magazine.

Video of the first helicopter landing while at sea.

Click through the photo's of the interior here

Isn't she wonderful. I've just checked on and at this moment in time Ilona is moored in the port of Vilanova, which is just down the road from Barcelona, in the Balearic Sea. The wonders of modern technology, amazing.

I've been out all day today, visiting family, short post tonight. Catch you tomorrow.
Toodle pip.


  1. Wow, she is spectacular inside. I love it, there's a lot of seating areas, I guess that's what you do out at sea, sit around and chat. I think I would be in the cinema every night :-)

    I love the writing desk with it's little pen compartments, very posh!!

    I think it's brilliant that she's named after you ;-)

  2. gosh what a beauty. The ensuite bathroom is as big as my ground floor of my house! lol

    I love all the shiny wood and the cream sofas.

  3. Its a floating palace! Shame they didn`t let you look inside at the time of your first visit.

    1. Security was very tight, Sarina, they have to be careful.

  4. Hi Ilona
    Ilona will be sailing back to London in the future. I looked on your profile to see if you displayed your email address but couldn't see one.

    If you wish I could arrange for you to go onboard if you're visiting London when Ilona is there. The "wealthy businessman" (he would smile at that!)is a good friend of mine and I frequently join his family on Ilona. I'm sure a visit could be arranged.

    For obvious reasons I'm not publishing my own email address but I'll remember you for the future and get in touch through your blog.

    I only discovered your blog recently, it's a small world isn't it?

    Kindest regards

    1. Hi Claire, welcome and thank you for your comment. Yes, it's a small world, and getting smaller, who would have thought that you would find me and contact me. I would certainly love to visit Ilona again, just let me know when she is back in the UK. It would be amazing if you could fix it :o))

      My email address is on the side bar on the right, under the heading 'Contact me here'.
      ilona dot diane at live dot co dot uk close the gaps and add the dots and @ in the appropriate places. Look forward to hearing from you again.

  5. Hi HMS Ilona, nice boat but you're not the only one with something named after them, ever heard of the TV channel DAVE?

    1. Yes I have heard of DAVE, you are even more famous than me :o)

    2. Its worse than that, whenever i'm asked my name by people of a certain age they ask me 'wheres the other 5?' or if i'm feeling glad all over

  6. Well, I think you could manage a few days on this lovely yacht; how fun it is named for you! Perhaps you'll visit it some day; swing by Maine if you do.


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