Monday, 30 March 2015

A busy morning at the Crafty Club

Hello. Crafty Club was busy this morning, Carol, our teacher gave us instructions for the next part of the project. First we had to iron a piece of  webbing onto the back of the sheet of paper. It makes it stronger so it doesn't tear, to enable stitching to be added. Next we were shown how to use some wax like crayons to rub over the surface, and we used our fingers, and a cloth, to make sure it was coated. The idea is to highlight the creases in the wrinkled paper. I used blue on mine but there were all colours. Some used the gold and silver which looked particularly nice. It gave it a sort of  embossed antique look. Now we have to decide what to make with it. Janet brought a book and is making a cover for it, and Avril has the idea of making a documents folder. I think I will make mine into a book cover, and make the book as well.   
I'm going to cheat a little bit here, and include some pictures of bags that Janet has made. These are not my bags, but they are definitely worthy of a mention. 
She bought the plain green fabric from the Scrapstore. I think it works really well to mix it in with the matching cat and dog fabric.

Her stitching is absolutely perfect, and she has used plain blue and green fabric for the linings.

Aren't they lovely. I think I will get my hand sewing machine out, because if I try and sew this neat the electric one runs away with me. I need to sew at a slower pace.

This is another bag she has made. Again the stitching is perfect. I like how she has chosen colours and patterns that compliment each other. 
The ribbon is machine sewn on, not one stitch out of place.

And lastly, she has been playing with felting and made this little bag.

Meanwhile I am still working on the landscape picture. In theory it shouldn't take long to complete, but I keep thinking of new ideas for it. It's hard work all this arty stuff, ha ha.

Thanks for popping in. I'll catch you tomorrow.
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  1. Your craft session sounds a lot of fun. Love the dog and cat bags.Still using your bag,

  2. how nice of you to give your friend a mention. Her bags are lovely, and as you say , the stitching couldn't be more neat.

  3. Fabulous bags. Love the craft club wish our village had one

  4. Very lovely patchwork - beautifully sewn! Well done Janet!

  5. The bags are really gorgeous. Yes, being arty is hard work- looking forward to seeing the results of your hard work!

  6. Look forward to seeing your book cover. I make books and paper too, it's a very rewarding and frugal craft !

  7. Please tell Janet that I love her bags, particularly the blue patchwork one.

    Making a book cover as well as the book will be a really interesting and creative project. I can't wait to see the result.

  8. All the bags are lovely, but that fabulous little felt bag calls to me.

  9. Very pretty and crafty bags, for sure. Enjoyed your post of all the varieties.

  10. Beautiful pics of Janet's bags and your book cover.
    Cheryl : )

  11. The bags are wonderful. Janet is a clever lady.

  12. You crafty ladies are amazing! Great ideas and wonderful colours!


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