Monday, 9 March 2015

Briefly.............I've been busy.

Good evening. I've hardly been in the house today so I haven't a post prepared. Glad you liked yesterdays post, I had a giggle when I put it together. No offers of modelling as yet, but I'm thinking of having a boob job, a butt lift, and some fillers in my cheeks and my lips. Maybe a few tats as well. That should make people sit up and take notice.

It was Crafty Club this morning, a good old natter with the ladies, then to the library to pick Stan's brain about buying a car, then home for lunch. This afternoon I went over to Doncaster to sort out the paperwork for the car, it will be ready to pick up on Friday. I don't want it till then, I'm off to Derbyshire tomorrow for a short break. On the way home I popped in Tesco to pick up a few bits to take with me. I will be having a breakfast each morning but I'll be self catering for the evening meal.

Tonight I went to the Parish Council meeting in the Village Hall. I heard that they will be discussing what's going to happen about the Post Office closing, That particular item was almost last on the agenda so I had to listen to all the other discussions before it. Dog bins, litter, new footpath, lorry access to the turf fields, the new Primary School plans, cleaning the bus shelters, lorries going through the weight limit, lorries delivering materials to the new school, and so on and so on. I struggled to stay awake.

Anyway, I'm back now, and I have to pack a bag, so I'll sign off. Catch you tomorrow.
Ravenstor Youth Hostel.

Toodle pip.


  1. Sounds like a productive day...You'll enjoy a change of scene in another locale and you always come back with photos and stories, which I enjoy. Have fun.

  2. The weather will gorgeous in Derbyshire tomorrow. If you are near to the Amber Valley we have a work party tackling the weeds and weed trees on the derelict Cromford canal. You are welcome to join us. Copious amounts of tea and cakes too!.
    Speaking of Council Meetings. I reckon Dog poo is discussed at every meeting. it drives me mad! The law is never enforced and nobody seems to have the nerve to challenge people that don't pick up. (Well I do actually and I'll hazard a guess that you might too)
    Enjoy beautiful Derbyshire

  3. Have a wonderful time. And pass on all the "jobs" for your own health and well-being. Some of those have horrible results, and we love you just the way you are. ;-)

  4. Safe travels and have fun.

    Sounds like you've decided on the Ford. I'm sure you'll love having a new car.

  5. Hi Ilona,
    Reading your blog is making me brave enough to face buying another car, this one has passed it's use-by date and I am very nervous about buying a newer one. I am just about the Aus equivalent of you, in every way, except age: 70, saving on like mad on food, electricity etc, so I can have short holidays, and I too stay at YHA. Went all around the UK with my son and grandson in 2012, nicest YHAs around, this trip paid for by saving like crazy for 4 years, when I was about to take off my son asked if he could come along as he had never travelled overseas, then grandson wanted along. It was as much work as being alone! Next time I do anything similar, I will sneak off in the night!
    You are an inspiration to a lot folk Ilona, keep on keeping on!

  6. Thank you for your sharing Ilona. Wonderful openness as always. You are an inspiration. Enjoy your time away.

  7. Tats? ...Have a great holiday Ilona, we'll look forward to the photos!

  8. What are tats? Tattoos? Have a nice trip , and good luck for the car. I'm following your blog from afar , and enjoying it a lot . Just don't post much because usually somebody already wrote what I wanted to say. I'm not familiar with English slang, but the Urban Dictionnary is very helpful. Just for " tats" I did not find a definitive answer

    1. Hello Michelle. Yes, tattoos, spose I should have wrote tatts.

  9. Hi.The Ravenstor Youth Hostel looks very historic and a nice place to rest after a busy day hiking and sightseeing. Haven't had a tattoo yet either but have been fascinated by a lady I've seen who has done her entire face in the most beautiful art.I wonder and am curious about what would motivate someone to do that ,because it is so unique and such a bold statement.Well,safe journey,regards,D.

  10. You are in a place I am very very familiar with. As I have been confined by a huge work project for the past few months it really cheered me up to see your photos.


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