Friday, 27 March 2015

Last few pics of Sheffield

Hello. looks like a sunny day, so I'll rattle this one off quick so I can get out. Not more pics of Sheffield, afraid so. I took 90 altogether, a lot of them get dumped. Sometimes I go snap crazy, which makes it so much more time consuming when I come to sort them out, then load them onto here. 
Imagine walking down a street with a slope. Next to the pavement is a raised lawn edged with concrete, and in this is a channel of water running from top to bottom. The channel is inlaid with colourful mosaic, and the water runs away down a plug hole, to be pumped back up to the top again and so the cycle continues. It's lovely to see it glistening in the sun, it sparkles, and you can put your hand into it to cool down if the sun is hot. Lovely idea to add a bit of colour to an ordinary street.  

You might be able to read this if you click to enlarge it. It stands in the University area of the city.

The flats over there are in that painting on the previous post.
Snapping more buildings as I wander around.

Oooo, is that a Tardis I see? Where is Doctor Who?

Don't know who this chappie is, haven't time to look it up, someone might be able to enlighten us.

Ornate ironworks, shame about the plastic covered scaffolding on the building behind.

Love the cheerful colours on this building.

The trams are fab, they seem to be very well used, and run frequently. It made it so easy to get to the centre from the Park and Ride. 

Shame about this building being boarded up. Hope someone comes along to rescue it.
This looks very majestic, almost Palace like. Santander and Sainsbury's occupy the lower floor.

Hey, they don't build them like this any more, isn't it beautiful. I have a hankering to go inside these old buildings and have a good nosey.

Phew, that's Sheffield then, well some of it. Plenty more to see if you want to visit yourself. Get a map from Tourist Information and have your own bimble, if you are near enough.

Just before we got on the tram to go back we popped in a small Tesco store, to see if there were any yellow stickers. We were lucky there were. It was good to have a rummage. I spent £3.43 on potatoes, cheese salad, broccoli, prepared fresh fruit (plums, blueberries, and grapes), wholemeal bread, single cream, and saag aloo. Good haul, Janet was lucky, she got ready pastry for 15p.

Whats on the menu for today? I see the Hull Scrapstore has something on this afternoon, a trip across the bridge is a good possibility if I get my finger out and get organised. Catch you tomorrow.
Toodle pip.


  1. \]Have a lovely day, and thanks for the photos. What is that last building?

  2. Great pictures, and I especially liked the idea of the colors in the drainage ditch. Brightens the day, right? I had to look up Saag aloo...had no idea of what you had purchased! Thanks for posting and have a great day. I don't have a menu for today...probably eating out this evening.

  3. I have so enjoyed seeing Sheffield through your camera lens. Beautiful sights! Like you I'd roam the old buildings and have to be tossed out. ;) Thanks.

  4. I was in Sheffield in January for my granddaughters graduation - I seem to have taken photos of most of the places you visited, except for the mosaic water well - did you get to see the 'water' wall outside the train station? Loving all the photos you post on a daily basis and reading your stories :)

    1. Hi Lesley, No, we didn't get to the train station.

  5. The chap on the gable end looks a bit like Norman Wisdom - was he born in Sheffield?



    1. Hi Jo, Norman was born in London.

    2. Hi just found your post.

      Allegedly the Steel Worker is a father of a friend of mine! An Ernest Whitaker

  6. That mans face on the side of the building has a strange resemblance to Prince Charles!!

    Love the photos, I am noticing architecture more and more as I go out and about, some of the hotels along the Llandudno promenade have some lovely details on them when you take the time to look. And in my home city there are lots of lovely buildings.

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that!

  7. I found this explanation of who the man is on the wall - Opposite the Co-op’s Castle Street entrance, a drab gable end has been transformed by a 1986 brick mural, the Steelworker by the artist Paul Waplington. It was constructed by Sheffield’sCity Works Department using eighteen different types of brick from eight manufacturers, the total number of bricks being about 30,000.

    Linda xx

    PS I never got the meaning of The Blank Cheque either!

  8. These last 2 postings of photos have been so interesting Ilona. We have really enjoyed all the architecture you found. We have never visited this City and loved seeing all the sights. Also the water feature was so attractive too.
    Wendy (Wales)

  9. Hello.I sit back and am amazed at the architecture that surrounds you Brits.I wonder do you really get used to all that history and beauty and just take it in stride or do you still get affected by it?It's lovely that you share your photos and thoughts and is appreciated.Bye for now, D.

  10. I used to go to Sheffield a lot in the 1980's delivering stuff to all kinds of different businesses and i'll never forget going in the Cutlers Hall, i think it was a showcase of what Sheffield made.
    It was still very industrial then, not like today, all the industry has gone sadly.
    All those great building were built on the back of the wealth created by industry, i wonder how much longer they'll survive, the city centre went downhill when the Meadowhall shopping centre opened, i suppose they call it progress.

  11. Thanks for these lovely pictures Ilona! I've lived in Sheffield for 12 years now, and recognise most of the buildings, but often forget to look up when I'm in the town centre so I'd forgotten just how beautiful some of them are. I do love that twirly water feature though. Maybe I'll go and be a tourist in the town centre again! Did you make it to Western Park museum? Not far from the university, and in a beautiful park. I love it in there.


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