Saturday, 21 March 2015

I believe there was an eclipse.

Hello. Here are my photo's of the eclipse yesterday, wasn't it exciting. The sun comes up at the back of my house, behind the trees in the next garden. It was a beautiful sunrise, a big red ball of fire emerged bathing the sky around it with a soft orangey red glow. Oooh, this looks a good start I thought. 
I knew I shouldn't look directly at it, so after playing with two pieces of white card and a pin hole, I couldn't see how that would work, I heard on the radio that you could use a colander to project the image onto card. I have one of those, so I took my 'equipment' outside, and waited in anticipation of this magical scene that I was about to witness. 
Then a few whispy clouds appeared, drifting across the sun, by which time the red glow had disappeared and it was now a milky white colour. Not to worry, I checked the time, 9.23am, something should be happening soon. I peered closely at the white dots on the card, searching for something that resembled a crescent shape. Hmmm, no, not there, can't find it.   
Ooooooh, hang on a minute, what's that, is it, can it be, the third dot right of the centre. Yes, I do believe I have got it. I'll zoom in, there is definitely a crescent shape there. Oh dear, just a minute, I may be mistaken, as I scroll the crescent does not move, oh drat, it's a bit of dirt on the screen. I knew I should have cleaned it. Oh well, have to wait until the next one, when is it, two thousand and fifty something, will put it on the calendar. 
In the meantime, if you missed it as well, pop over to Louise's blog Ramblings from a Roachling, she has some excellent photo's on there.

Please excuse my absence yesterday, I took the new wheelz to Burton upon Trent to visit family. It was the 33rd anniversary of our mothers death, so I took the opportunity to visit the Crematorium with my sister. The car was a joy to drive, it behaved perfectly. So comfortable and a smooth ride.

The flower room was jam packed full to bursting with flowers of every colour and description. My sister had bought herself some flowers for the house, and we took a few of those. It's lovely to see that so many people remember their loved ones in this way, but I feel a little bit sad that a lot of money has been spent on something that will wither and die in a short time. In my eyes it is not necessary to buy lavish and expensive bunches of flowers, a single bloom or two has the same meaning of remembrance. Our families live on in our hearts, the money would be better spent by donating it to charity.

After a stroll around the grounds remembering our mother, we went a short walk through nearby Stapenhill Gardens, and along the river. There are always lots of swans and assorted bird life here, it is such a peaceful place. The birds are very tame and walk around mingling with visitors. 
The Ferry Bridge is an ornamental wrought iron pedestrian bridge which takes you across the River Trent, past the college and market place, directly into the town centre. My sister often takes this route as the road bridge is frequently clogged with traffic.

Ooops, I cut his feet off.

In the centre of the well laid out gardens is this huge stone swan, surrounded by bedding plants, with flowers nestling in between it's wings. 
Yes, of course Rocky came too. He had a walk earlier but is happy to ride when his little legs get tired.

Passing the magnificent St Peters Church, on the way back to the car.

Back to the house for a drink before I went off to visit Uncle Stan. I took my landscape picture so he could see how it was progressing. Some useful tips from him, what Uncle Stan doesn't know about art isn't worth knowing. Auntie Pat has an amazing very old sewing machine which she asked me to look at as it needs some tweaking to perfect the stitchery. I fiddled with the tension, the stitch length, changed the needle, checked the bobbin, but sadly I couldn't work out why it wasn't performing as well as it should. It's a lovely machine and purrs like a contented cat, but it's as heavy as a sack of coal. I think she needs someone more knowledgeable than me to help her.

I rolled home at gone 11pm last night. What should have been a straight forward one hour forty minute journey mostly on motorways and dual carriage ways, turned into a mystery tour around the outskirts of Doncaster. The chuffin M18 was closed at Junction 4 due to overnight roadworks, and we had to take a detour.

It's the weekend. Brian Mathews Sounds of the Sixties on Radio 2 has finished, and I must get on with doing stuff. Thank you for popping in, enjoy your Saturday.
Toodle pip.


  1. I saw it in Devon though not at 9:30 as it was too cloudy. Loved the colander idea but haven't got one in the van so just had a sneaky peek directly at the sun. Tut tut!

  2. I actually wondered at 11 a.m. at what time the eclipse would arrive. Paris is so polluted and there were so many clouds too that nothing happened here either. I love your pictures, it all looks so Britiiiish !

  3. I tried the colander trick - same results as you - nothing !

  4. So good to get together and remember our mums. Nothing like a new (to you) car to give you a boost. I just bought a brand new car; I know, I know, but hubby and I worked for 46 years and raised five children so I dont feel bad about it. I had the last car for 14 years and it was great.
    I do notice that people in the U.K. sell their cars after a very short time - three to four years. Over the fourteen years I had to spend some money on my car a couple of times but it was a lot better financially than switching it out.
    I think the key is to buy new or almost new and then really look after it.
    By the way; you dont spoil Rocky do you.....:)

  5. Really enjoyed your post, and so glad you are having fun with your new car. We didn't get a glimpse of the eclipse, as we had clouds all day! The flowers and the swans are so beautiful.

  6. We had a good view of the eclipse up here in Manchester! I agree about the flowers and always remember loved ones by planting a tree or making a donation to charity.

  7. So pleased you are enjoying your new car. Our aim is to be able to buy a car this year (we haven't been able to afford one for 8 years) so we are saving like mad! We do have a few trips away like you to yha's. We even stayed in a yha for our very very budget wedding last year!

  8. I watched the eclipse on TV as we were very overcast here in Brighton.
    I tend to agree with your sentiment on remembering loved ones.
    Your pics brightened my day.

  9. Marched out with a class of 30 children to view the eclipse, pinhole cameras at the ready. Slight darkening of the sky and it was all over!! Quote of the day:Ms Simplesista, has the crips been?!!
    One child kept referring to it as the "crips"no matter how hard I tried to get her to say "eclipse"!
    Rest in peace your mum, I think it's lovely that you still get together to think of her. My mum and her sisters do the same for their mum.Is that your sister in the photo Ilona?

    1. Hi. Yes, it's my sister Anna

    2. She looks lovely, very smart too. Glad your car is a good drive too,xxxx

  10. Enjoyed your visit to Burton-on-Trent. I lived there for 16 years. When I worke d in Burton I used to get off the bus at the ferry bridge and walk over to work to get some exercise and fresh air. The gardens are lovely by the river, many memories of taking the children to play in the cherry orchard. I agree with you about the flowers. As I live away from where my parents were cremated, and my first baby buried, they live in my heart and I don't need to buy flowers to remember them.

    Glad your car meets expectations.
    Pat who now lives in Norwich having more there from Burton via Holyhead.

    1. Aaah, the Cherry Orchard, I remember that too. Used to run up and down the steps in the gardens.

  11. It was far too cloudy down here in Dover to see anything of the eclipse. The sky grew a bit darker than it already was for about half an hour and then it was over.

  12. We didn't get to see the eclipse here, so I want to thank you for posting Louise's blog link...amazing photos.
    Glad you are enjoying your new car (sure Rocky is too). So nice that it was a perfect day out for visiting your Mum's grave with family....they always live on in our hearts.

  13. Very nice photo of your sister and Rocky and the beautiful gardens.

    I am fortunate to still have my mother and I am thankful. I am sorry that you lost your mother so young, Ilona, but it is wonderful that you keep her in your heart. (((Hugs)))

  14. We managed to see the eclipse which was filtered by clouds and sunglasses, it went dull for a while but not as dark as i thought it might.
    I end up on a few diversions due to night time road closures, thursday night on my way back from Crewe i diverted through Sandbach (past the hallowed grounds that were once the ERF and Foden factories, sad nostalgic trucker that i am) and through to Middlewich where there were loads of swans on the canal.
    Glad your new car drives well, does it have a spare wheel or the new fangled puncture repair stuff and compressor? Also, it could be worth your while making sure that you can undo the wheelnuts so that if you need to change a wheel while you're out you won't be stuck, some garages tighten wheelnuts so tight that you can't undo them without an 8foot bar.

  15. Hello.I'll check out the link re:the eclipse ,thank you.The day you spent remembering your mum,and having quality time with your sister and aunt and uncle warm my heart.It's a lovely way for you to remember her that is meaningful.I agree with you on the floral tributes and donating to charity as an alternative.Our parents" grave is tended by my sister and I and we go and visit in the spring, summer, fall and December.We always make a natural seasonal wreath or a simple bouquet of our garden flowers, berry branches etc.tied with raffia or ribbon.My sister-in-law planted daffodils years ago and they come up soon and are a beautiful reminder of nature's and life's renewal at their resting place. Everyone is different and these rituals and customs have deep cultural and religious roots for some people.. Our family was R.C.and it is a tradition for us, though outdated and sometimes very superstitious.Those are beautiful photos of the area and swans, Rocky and your sister(Aww!)Great to know the new car is enjoyable and safe.Regards, D.


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