Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Tideswell and beyond.

Hello. We have candles glowing orange and a real fire in the lounge tonight. All lovely and cozy. There is another guest but I don't know where she is, I saw her briefly but she has disappeared. She is not in my room, so it looks like I don't have to share again. 
Breakfast was ginormous this morning, Jack put on a lovely spread which filled me up for the rest of the day. I didn't feel hungry until about 4 o clock, when I decided to have a bite of a sandwich. 
I walked out of the back of the hostel and down a path. The building looks as good at the back as it does from the front.  
I fancied going to take a look at Tideswell village so took the path along Tideswell Dale. It was a lovely morning so I was hoping it would last even though the forecast was not good for the afternoon. I love the sound of rushing water.

A long flat path made for easy walking.

And at the end of it was a huge wooden mouse. I think it's a mouse, could be some other small furry creature I suppose.

 I picked up the road into Tideswell.

This phone box is well loved, fresh paint and clean, and photo's in the windows. There is a telephone inside but it doesn't accept money and you can't dial out on it.

If you want to know anything about the local history you can choose from the menu, dial the number, and a short history lesson will be played to you. 
 It's like a mini tourist information office. What a brilliant idea.

A shot of the main street in Tideswell. The war memorial stands in the centre with a little garden around it.

 Lots of small independent shops.

St John the Babtist Church has a prominent position on the main road. 
A couple more pics as I went on my way.

I walked up Manchester Road and turned left onto Water Lane to Wheston. A bit further on I turned into Hay Dale. This looks like a graveyard for trees, many of them were dead.

This is a part of The Limestone Way long distance path, here I am going through Peter Dale. There was a lot of rocks strewn about and boggy sections, so it made the going quite difficult.  
Not long after it started to rain so I stopped to put my waterproof trousers on. It's a good job I did that as the rain got really heavy. It looked like it was not going to blow over so I decided to take the shortest route back, which was Down Monks Dale, but the notice said this path is difficult due to loose rocks, I checked the map and found an alternative route, down the Limestone Way to Millers Dale. Unfortunately this was not a good route, deep rutted tracks between two stone walls, with lots of rain making it into a mud bath.  Not very nice, but just get on with it.  I slithered my way to the end, and walked through Monksdale Farm to the road. That's when I saw this church. Aint it pretty.

By this time it had stopped raining so there was no need to rush back. I walked up Millers Dale alongside the river.

The road is a dead end road, it only goes to Litton Mill. There are footpaths further on but cars have to turn round and go back. Here is The Mill, another conversion to apartments. It's in a lovely secluded location, 

I found another way into the Hostel grounds, there are two large stone pillars at each side of the entrance, leading to a long sweeping overgrown driveway through the woods. It looked like this was perhaps the original entrance. I was back at 5pm. 10.5 miles covered today, up hill and down dale. I will have a look at Buxton tomorrow before I head off home.
Toodle pip.


  1. thank you for taking us along on your hike.

  2. Tideswell looks very pretty, bet you sleep well tonight :)

  3. Have a good day in Buxton of my favourite places. You can get the Trans Peak bus from Derby to Buxton. It then carries on to Manchester.

  4. I love all the evocative!
    Jane x

  5. The "Phone the Past" phone booth is so clever! I love it.

    I'm glad that you had sun for much of your day and now, after getting wet, you are snug in the YHA.

    Enjoy your day tomorrow.

  6. Enjoyed going with you on your walk such a pretty place.

  7. Sigh eh I wish I was there, my neck of the woods as my family live in Glossop. I love the phone box, what a great idea. Gorgeous photos as always:) Looking forward to your Buxton post, a favourite place of mine to visit. Have a wonderful time and a safe trip home. Linda xx

    1. Where are you now Linda? Far from Glossop I wager, I'm a fellow Mancunian who has lived there for years!

  8. That last church seems like it was worth the muddy path. We just have nothing to compare to that history over here. A 100 year old church is considered quaint.

  9. Oh lots of familiar sights on this post -- but the rain was very typical. Hiked around this area quite a bit way back in the 50's

  10. I love the descriptions of your walk, it feels like we are with you. Photos are great too!

  11. Looks like a varied and interesting walk. The telephone box idea is excellent. Hope you enjoy beautiful Buxton. Sarah

  12. Danneke here, Some lovely pictures as always Ilona, thanks, I enjoy doing your treks, you doing the walks and me in my arm chair doing the viewing. I did do about a mile a few days ago, walked into town which is an achievement now my spine and legs are stronger after the big operation last year. Hope the weather keeps fine for the rest of your little break/away,

  13. You did well to miss Monks Dale. It is like being in a "Rain forest", very slippy and full of rocks and tree roots.A place where you can imagine "Fairies, Elves. and Goblins especially at dusk.

  14. Great post! Lovely places!
    Lucky you!

  15. So lovely! I'm with Gill...Thanks for taking us along on this beautiful tour. These little trips make my day! :)

  16. Lovely! I know this area very well of course - we like Tideswell. The wooden mouse in Tideswell Dale is a water vole - you can see them there if you are lucky. We call it 'vole dale'! Monks Dale is a very uneven path, but I like it :) I wrote a bit about it in this post -

    Hope you enjoy Buxton tomorrow. If you feel like splashing a little cash at lunch time, look out for Maxine at the bottom of the Slopes - she does the most delicious fresh pizzas! Thin base and nice and fresh!

  17. Hi, Ilona.The area (Peak district?) is very beautiful,I think, in a very sober austere way.It is good you have rain gear.How quaint and charming the phone booth is,sharing history for people to enjoy and learn.Love that idea!Thank you for taking us along with you on your trip.Am glad you are having such a good time and are managing the slippery mucky parts with ease,I'm inspired by that,especially because of the conditions in certain places.I guess you let the hostel know where your going beforehand,yes?(I know, I'm not your mother but can't help myself tee-hee!)Bye the way ,great photos, bye for now, D.

  18. Makes me feel nostalgic...i used to work for the yha for a good number of years and was warden at Blaxhall yh in Suffolk...hope you have a safe trip home.


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