Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Bimbling around Sheffield

Hello and Good Morning. It's bright and sunny again, I've a line of washing out, and I have made my bestest  friend Carol a birthday card, now I have a few pictures to add to the blog, so come with me on a visit to Sheffield. I took my friend Crafty Janet along with me, we had a day out in the nuuuw wheeelz. Straight down the M180, M18, up the M1, off at the A630 and into the Park and Ride car park just off the roundabout at the bottom. Pay £2.50 to park, after we had worked out the touch screen machine, then hop onto a tram for the city centre, bus pass free ride, easy peasy. 
We alighted at the Cathedral, a good place to start our bimble. Luckily they have some very nice toilets in there. 
It was busy inside, school children singing their hearts out, with parents and families seated either side looking on. A few people had stopped by to have a look like we had.

The Town Hall is a majestic building standing tall and proud. I was hoping we could have a nosey around inside, but that was not to be, it is a busy working building. However the lady on the desk was very helpful with providing us with local knowledge and a free street map.

We came across the famous snooker capital of the north. The Crucible has been the venue for top class snooker tournaments for many a year. I was obsessed at one time a few years back, amazed at the skill required to get a 147 break. Terry Griffiths was my dreamboat at the time, with Willy Thorne a close second.

Next to the Crucible is this iconic building, The Lyceum Theatre. Looks like a wedding cake, I could eat it. 
In the late 1950's the Lyceum was in financial difficulties, it closed in 1969. Planning permission was sought for it's demolition, but it was saved by a campaign by the Hallamshire Historic Buildings Society. Thank goodness, it would be a shame to lose this. 
Between 1988 and 1990 the Lyceum was completely restored at a cost of 12 million pounds. More information can be found at Wiki.

Next stop was the Winter Gardens. We ambled through cameras at the ready, sat and ate our sandwiches, marvelled at the structure, and took in the general ambiance of the place. It was a hive of activity, several groups of school children were being supervised by their teachers as they ate their lunch. 
Not many words needed, it was a bit like a bigger version of Buxton. Warm, inviting, tropical, and colourful.

This piece of artwork was intriguing and fitted in perfectly. The harsh rigid lines of the beaten and engraved steel in contrast to, and complementing, the soft lush green foliage.




There are more pictures of Sheffield which I'll save for later. Thank you for popping in.
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  1. Beautiful Sheffield!
    What a coincidence, only two days ago I happened to watch a film set in Sheffield. "The full monty" , a comedy-drama, it's the story of six unemployed men....Quite good.
    Have you seen it?

    1. Hi Helen, a coincidence you should mention that. Yes, I've seen the film and enjoyed it. The stage version is on at the Lyceum in May. I checked the date for my birthday, thinking I will have treat and go and see it. Sadly no good seats left on that day.

  2. Lovely to see these pics of Sheffield. I've been through the place a few times on the way to the peak district and mentally I associate it with a particularly awful roundabout that I usually need to navigate about three times to work out what way I'm supposed to be going. So its lovely to see that there are good reasons to stop here as you obviously had a good outing.

  3. Lovely pictures of the winter garden. Never been to Sheffield but of course all my cutlery was made there decades ago. I love how the city centres have been re-vitalised......glad your day out went well. I think your continued frugal outings are part of the secret to your success - that and your continued involvement in the community and your volunteer work with the cats and your amazing walking etc. No moping at home nursing grudges !
    I admire you very much.....

  4. My hubby was born near there and though he moved across the Pennines when he was three he went back often as a youngster to visit family. We do get up to Yorkshire quite often but not Sheffield alas. We don't get much time off together but we must make the effort soon. Lovely photos as ever Loan, they cheer me up! I've been working so many hours for months that I have not been able to get out and about much so thank you for sharing your outings!

  5. Lovely day out...Love the photos, especially the flowers. I hope you do get back to the theatre for something.

  6. Must have a bimble round Sheffield ...only 40 mins on the train from Derby. Closest I get is changing trains there to go to Hull. There used to be a bendy-bus that went from Sheffield to Hull, via Humberside airport. No longer running. Pity, I could travel on that free.

  7. I do enjoy your bimbling around, and especially the great photos! Another aspect of Sheffield you might have missed is the resident Peregrine Falcons, live cam here:

  8. Had to laugh at your comment about a nice toilet. Seventeen years ago, we met up with friends from Yorkshire and took a rambling road trip up through the dales, over to the North Sea and up to Edinburgh to attend the Military Tattoo. At Hadrian's Wall (not a nice toilet, though we saw worse) we began rating rest rooms on a scale of 1 to 10. When we got to Edinburgh, one of us went to the ladies' room in an Italian restaurant, pronounced it a 12 on the 1 to 10 scale, and the other three promptly got up to check. (We all agreed it was a least). As you can see, the four of us are easily entertained.

  9. What a beautiful spot and such lovely flowers. We just mentioned recently that we needed to take a trip to the San Antonio Botanical Gardens.

  10. In picture 12 I can see a big dogs face! Ha ha. I always remember the bit in only fools and horses, "Sheffield steel!" With Marlene on the phone to Del. great pictures, thanks for sharing. X

  11. I love your blog it is like a travel journey on my computer in Australia.

  12. Hi.Beautiful location,architecture and botanicals,big sigh.It was a pleasure to read about your lovely outing with your friend.It's good to know that all that heritage and history is being protected for all to enjoy,and it doesn't break the budget to get out and enjoy oneself with friends and shows it can be done in a frugal, happy, interesting way. Thank you,regards,D.

  13. Who'd a thought it....such fabulous foliage in the middle of such an industrial city. Thanks for the bimble (our friends from Skeggy say that, it always makes me giggle) I'd never consider a day out there being from Lancashire and all. Ha ha. It's nice to see buildings being cared for, the town I live in just knocks them down willy nilly. Well it seems like that it's such a shame. Barbara.

  14. You discovered some gorgeous places. I am glad the Lyceum building was saved, that is money well spent. The place with the plants and the church are places I would be happy to tour.

  15. Love seeing your photos!
    Truly enjoyed the outing with you!

  16. love the winter gardens


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