Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Table lamp makeover

Hello. I was planning on going out today, but it was too darn hot, so instead I got on with the job of finishing this lamp makeover. These are the after pictures, down at the bottom is the before picture. I know which I prefer. I was given two matching lamps, I didn't like them so I donated one to the Heart Foundation charity shop, and gave the shade from the other one to the Age UK shop. I found another, smaller shade at a car boot sale for 50p. 
I have enclosed the base in crochet, using oddments I already have. I started with a circle at the bottom, increasing the stitches to accommodate the widest point, then working my way up with the lamp inside, I decreased as it got narrower near the top. 

I added the cross stitch to pull it in a bit tighter because there was some puckering around that part, I should have maybe not gone so wide. I think the disguise works and the mistake is not so noticeable.

The shade is a creamy hessian type, I could have left it plain, but I like to jazz things up a bit, and think the hearts look lovely. I doodled them on with felt tip pens using templates.

Now shall I put it on top of the stereo.....

or on the shelf over the gas fire.
The before picture, yuk me no like. 
So, if you have anything you don't particularly like, maybe you could think of a way to tart it up. I suppose I could have given both of them away, but I saw the potential to make something more to my liking. My lamp is a unique creation, no one has another one like it. I like to be different.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip 


  1. What a transformation Ilona, it looks so classy, well done.


  2. The cross-stitch is a 'design feature'. I have at least one in every project. LOL

  3. Yet another Ilona original. I love it! The cross-stitch just finishes it off nicely.

    Joan (Wales)

  4. never thought of doing that to a lam. what a great idea.

  5. Very cute! I hope that you don't mind if I say that the base makes me think of a Mexican sombrero.

    The original lamp was Ugly with a shade that was Much too large. Your new shade is the perfect scale.

  6. I don't think anyone could look at that without smiling! It's great. Never knew you could crochet as well as everything else and not just easy stuff either, making it fit the lamp base has to be difficult! Well done. JanF

  7. Your lamp make-over is quite nice, much better than the original. I hope you enjoy it!

  8. OhYes! That before lamp is truly ugly! Like your after one better. Did you have to crochet the skinnier top part on the lamp base itself or did you sew a seam up the back?

    1. Hi. There are no seams. I did a circle for the base and increased the stitches until it reached the widest point, then put the lamp inside and carried on going round and round decreasing the stitches all the way to the top. I removed the plug and pushed the end of the flex through the crochet before it became too narrow.

  9. I much prefer your makeover. The original is rather dark and depressing looking.

  10. I love your idea of covering the base of your lamp with crochet, and a lovely custom job it is! I think the proportions on your lamp are better than on the before lamp, but I am partial to brown, so I didn't find the first lamp hideous; just the shade seemed oversized. I am partial to using up bits and pieces to get a bit of serendipity in your finished project. I also admire your cross stitching fix for tightening the lamp base cover. It looks great. Mary Jane in Canada.

  11. I really like this makeover, Ilona-it's a great piece of upcycling with not a penny extra spent. The cross stitch design feature really makes the design sing! Catriona

  12. I never knew you could crochet. I love all of it! Natalie

  13. What a brilliant makeover, much more cheerful and colourful. (Nick)

  14. Great make-over. I am a keen lampshade upcycler (is that a word?). The hearts are so cute. What did you use? Felt tip?

  15. I love that! If only the rest of the world took this approach instead of chucking stuff out.


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