Thursday, 15 September 2016

Walking around Lincoln Castle Walls

Hello. Some correct guesses on the previous post, yes, I went to Lincoln yesterday. It's less than an hour's drive, I took a packup lunch, and enjoyed a day out in the sunshine. I hate driving in a city or town so I park on the outskirts in a road with no restrictions, and walk in. Coming in on the A15 from the north, the road is wide with some parking on both sides. I think possibly some of the workers use this to park all day, or people like me who don't want to pay in a car park. Sometimes it's difficult to find a space.
Yes, the selfie was taken walking around the castle wall, up in the tower. It was a bit windy and the sun was in my eyes. This post is all the photo's I took from that walk. The charge for OAP's is £4. There is an audio guide but I didn't take that. The views were fantastic. Of course there are several shots of the splendid cathedral. 

There had been an event on and a few contractors were still about removing some of the equipment. The patches on the lawn are where the marquees would have been.

The front view of the prison, not very clear the sun is in the way.

There is a view of The Westgate Water Tower, there's a plaque on the castle wall with information. If you want to know more, this is a good site.

Wow, that's a good view.

The brown rusty steel tower down there is the lift up onto the wall for people who can't manage a spiral staircase.

I must say the walkway is very well built. My only gripe is that some of the views on one side are obscured by frosted glass which has been fixed to the wall. I imagine that's to preserve people's privacy who live in the houses directly below. 

That's the courtroom.

A view I took from the ground earlier.
The back view of the prison. It's open to visitors but me being a tightwad, I didn't bother. Besides it was 4pm when I did this walk, and they close at 5pm.

The prison again.

I think I've got these in the wrong order, never mind. That's what happens when I do two jobs at the same time. If you want to know more about Lincoln Castle, please go to the web site. I'll post some more pics of Lincoln tomorrow.

Thanks for popping in we'll catch up soon.
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  1. I love Lincoln. I have only been once and really enjoyed it, it is a long journey for us though. The courthouse is still in use - not the prison though which is really eerie and creepy (kids loved it). Have they finished the building work/renovations on the wall?

  2. Lovely tour Ilona, you make it feel like we are with you. I have very vague memories of Lincoln of long ago, I remember Borth and the stump there was a flower festival on St the time.
    Thank you for the trip.
    Enjoy the sunshine.
    Hazel c uk

  3. We always do as you do - park outside and walk into Lincoln - very easy and convenient (and free). Last year (or perhaps the year before), the castle threw open its doors and grounds for a day or two and you could get in for free. We spent the day there and even had a tour for free. There were medieval reenactors and Victorian jailers and visitors. One of the best days ever. Thanks for all your lovely photos. Natalie

  4. I must go having seen your photos. It looks lovely.

  5. We visited the Lincoln Museum of Life after you kindly sent through some info with your bag [which I use every day to store my recycling in]aswell as the cathedral. It's a smashing city.

  6. looks like you had good weather yesterday. it wasn't like that here further north. I used to go to meetings in Lincoln but never had time to walk the walls. Nice views, thanks for sharing

  7. I add this to my bucket list if I had one. ;) I love these pic's! Thank you so much for sharing your visit.

  8. Lucky you went yesterday. There is an ongoing riot at the prison today and it looks like the place is sealed off.

  9. The marquees are from the graduation ceremonies. I was at one last week and the Cathedral and surrounding area were an amazing setting for a graduation.

  10. Hi Ilona, My mum's going to do her nut! I said York (even though I thought the Minster looked a bit odd really) I forgot about Lincoln - and my mum was born there, and we visit there excuse for not knowing. Lovely pics. Love, Elaine B

  11. Lincoln looks like such an interesting lovely city. I love the wall walk.

  12. Fantastic photos; I love that part of the world !

  13. A visit to York is on my "Must see" list. I have been creating this list since I was 13 and I retire in 3 years and am off to the Mother Country to tick off my list. I shall certainly visit York and maybe I will get to visit you too!

  14. A nice day to be in Lincoln. I guessed wrong...well those old bldgs kinda all look alike?! I think we were there for some short visit on our way elsewhere,.tour wise, years ago. Interesting prison. Amazing how much it costs to get into places now. But there is upkeep and wages so I guess that's ok. Thanks for sharing your day.

  15. There were two battles in Lincoln in the middle ages. The first 2nd Feb.1141.And the second against the French in 1217.The castle held out against the French army and there was a lot of fighting in front of the Cathedral. The English were commanded by William Marshal. His life story is in the book The Greatest Knight.

  16. I went once to Lincoln many years ago and this post has made me think it is worth another look. I shall add it to the list!


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