Friday, 11 May 2018

I think this might work

Hello. Fiddling around with bits and bobs on the table this morning while I drank my coffee, I wanted to work out how I was going to wrap this metal heart in wool. I can just see it as a multi coloured wall decoration. I had a few practice goes but found the wool was slipping to the narrow end where the curves were. Covering the straight squares was going to be easy, but the curves were going to make it difficult. 
Hmmm what else could I do? Cut out pieces of fabric to fit into the shapes. not going to work, how could I stitch them on. Mount it on a board and fill in the shapes with paint, might work but it would be messy, don't fancy doing that. Make cords with strips of fabric with a zigzag stitch on the sewing machine then wrap them around the wire. Might hold in place better than wool. No would take too long and I might get half way through the job and get fed up. 
Then I remembered I have covered some plastic bottle tops with fabric. I tried one of them to see if it would fit. Yes it did, with a bit of manipulation which distorted the circular shape a bit, but it fit. I added a few more and was beginning to like what I saw.

I checked how many more bottle tops I had collected, do I have enough. I would need some different sizes to fit the smaller gaps around the edges.

I could stitch them onto the wire with black thread which would hardly show from the front. I won't bother wrapping it in wool, the heart shape will be the frame to hold it all in place. Yes, I think this might work.

I came across this lady on my Twitter last night, some of you arty crafty people might like to have a look at the work that Jane Perkins does. She makes mainly portraits using discarded and unwanted plastics. Everything fits together like a giant jigsaw puzzle . Stand back and admire the art, or look closely to pick out thousands of individual components. I think you will be stunned.

She also has a web site. Click here to see it.

The sun is shining once more. I want to make a start on building a new cat shelter so I had better get on with it then. Thanks for popping in, and thanks for putting your name in the box when you comment. I am getting lots of junky spam crap, so I think I can now safely dump anything that is from Anonymous, without spending time checking every word.
We'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. Good idea to put those tops into the heart,makes it look very colourful!I enjoyed the video too.I have an old pine frame outside my house,that Ive stuck various bits to.Old marbles,a tiny toy,a red silk flower,shiny metal pieces,a couple of old odd ear rings ect.In fact anything that Ive found or had for years!Even some sentimental bits that were just laying in drawers for the last 40 odd years.It looks full,but I keep adding to it!.I stuck them all on with a touch of Hard as Nails,from the pound shop and so far everything has stayed put!xx

  2. Love it! I had started collecting bottle caps for our local elementary kids to use in art projects. I was only thinking of vehicle wheels...duh!
    And the woman who recreates masterpieces..brilliant! Maybe something to play with during the next long winter.

  3. Hello ilona, thats a happy heart youre making. Have a nice weekend, i enjoy youre blog its relaxing in a way

  4. So ingenious Ilona. I love your work and look forward to seeing this project develop.
    Also thank you for the link to Jane's work. It really is stunning. I've added her blog to my reading list.
    Have a good Saturday.
    Jacquie x

  5. Very clever using the fabric covered caps. It looks great.

  6. What a cute and clever idea. You are quite imaginative!


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