Thursday, 25 October 2018

A spiritual walk

I went to collect the keys from Angela this morning, I am on guinea pig duty for the next three days. After lunch I decided it was too nice to stay in and did a six mile walk. I've done this one many times before and it's still lovely. There was a slight breeze and the views were clear enough to see for miles. I came across a bench overlooking the river and a young lady was sat cross legged on it in a yoga position, her hands resting on her knees with her eyes closed. It is the kind of place which is so relaxing. I think she was finding it quite spiritual so I carried on without disturbing her.
It's a well trod path, the locals use it all the time, and one or two horse riders, though some of the branches are a bit low. It's part of the Trent Valley Way, a fairly new long distance path.

A carpet of red crunchy leaves.

That's a few more miles added to the total. If I keep this up I might just make the 1000.   ilona


  1. some find spiritual and relaxing in being still...others can be mindful in movement, soaking up the sights and sounds of nature. Each to their own...and all praise to you for giving her respect

  2. I did yoga fir a while until the teacher moved and I could not find another class, but I did enjoy it a friend who lives along way for me goes to yoga and also goes on retreats.
    I am sure you had a nice walk we have had sunshine most if today. I did miss the sunset tonight
    Hazel c uk

  3. Beautiful. I can see why she may have found it spiritual. I agree with gz. It was lovely that you respected her space. I hope you enjoyed the walk.

  4. What a lovely walk and day. How relaxing with beautiful views.

  5. It looks lovely Ilona. I was walking in woodland today, aren't the colours wonderful.
    Glad you are enjoying getting back on track with the challenge.
    Jacquie x

  6. You are doing really well on your walking mileage!.Such dedication!.I am still trying to fit in a walk each day,even if its only for half an hour,thats over a mile.I do 15 mins one way then turn back.I could walk for miles but its just fitting it in with Family commitments.Still something is better than nothing!.I love going out this time of the year though and your photos are stunning.xx

  7. I am at a standstill unfortunately. Roll on hip replacement.... I am really missing my long walks.

  8. Your walk looks wonderful Ilona.I went for dog walk today and thoroughly enjoyed it.My new addition does not return to me whilst out so it's exhausting but fun x

  9. Woooow love love the colors inthe first picture..


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